Daniel Linder, MFT

How do we deal with different parenting styles

I have seen a lot of relationships in couple’s therapy that have been wrecked the challenges imposed parenting or their children. The resolutions to those problems lie in looking at how the couple relate to each other. They are the primary relationship. They are the parental team, together. The more they’re in sync, the more they understand each other, the more they’re on the same page in terms of knowing where they are each coming from, the more that they allow each other space to be and act their different ways, and the more they are able to discuss how they’re going to come together and respond when the challenging situations arise, the less it’s going to be a problem.

A lot depends on the health of their relationship because the healthier the relationship is, whatever the challenges that come their way, they’ll be able to meet them and get through them. And parenting is one of those challenges.

So, in parenting situations, their relationship is going to be tested, and they’re going to be called upon to discuss what’s happening and represent their own differences and their own perspectives. They need to really want to support each other and act as a team together. They need to be able to discuss what they’re going to do and what’s in their children’s best interest. And then they’ll decide on it together, despite their differences.

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