Daniel Linder, MFT

Tips for parenting decisions and success

One parent might be more concerned about the temperature outside and what to wear and about being properly prepared for the weather conditions while the other parent might not care about it at all. But there is space in the relationship for having differences and approaching situations differently. There is no need for one person’s concerns to be exactly like those of the other person.

For example, if my wife is more concerned about what the kids are wearing on a bad weather day but I’m not, she can deal with them about what they’re going to wear for the day, and I won’t. If it’s more important to her and less important to me, it’s fine. She can take the lead and deal with it. But if it’s something that’s more important to me, I’ll deal with it, and she’ll back off. So, I’m representing myself, and she’s representing herself. There’s safety and space in the relationship for us to emerge as who we are fully in all the differences and we’re able to work with it all.

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