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No couple deserves to lose their relationship mojo

Good relationships are hard to find.  Great relationships are hard to keep.

If you two fail (and….while you fail), you cost yourself, your mate, kids, family, friends and employer pain, suffering and losses of all sorts.  So, can we agree that it’s kinda important that you both figure out what to do about the future of your relationship?

So, let’s take a vote:  In your opinion:  What’s the Most Costly Romantic Problem in 2014?

  1. Helping singles find the love of their life?
  2. Marriage or some other form of commitment?
  3. Couples who tolerate unhappy or unhealthy relationships?
  4. How do couples keep their spark getting better and better?

Regardless of how today’s vote turns out, here are the facts as of 1/1/2014:

1.   Helping Singles

In the United States alone, more than 90% of all singles marry (at least once).  Hmmm.  That seems to mean that singles have a pretty good chance at hooking up and getting to the altar.  (BTW, if they choose the wrong partner, that’s a whole other issue!  Let’s leave the conundrum of:  ‘Slaughter at the Altar’ to an upcoming posting…..)  So, “Helping Singles” is not the answer.

2.  Marriage or What?

Both traditional and modern marriages continue to give couples more wealth, greater health and much more sex.  So, that’s not it, either.

3.  Unhappy Relationships

Isn’t it true that most every couple pronounces, “We know relationships need work.” So, at least they’re aware of their challenge.  But, you’re getting closer to the real dilemma….

4.  Couples and Spark

If ‘only’ the divorce rate was 50%, we could call that an improvement!  For a variety of reasons, another staggering 20% of all first time married couples stay UN-happily together for the rest of their lives.  This means that a near whopping 70% of all first time marriages end up divorced or living UN-happily ever after.  And, second, third and fourth-time married couples divorce at a much higher rate.

The ‘winner’ is:

  • How do couples keep their spark getting better and better?

Statistics (and your own personal experiences) prove that the (single) greatest challenge to relationship happiness is finding mutually-beneficial relationship expectations, rituals and habits.  Truthfully, it really is:

  • What do we do after we say, “I do”?

Yet — each year millions of couples assume they already have the formula for success.  They are true believers that they’ll be the exception to the overwhelming romantic unhappiness rule.  Guess what?  They’re mostly right.  But (guess what again)?  For their first few years together, their lives usually go as planned.  Then… happens, and they become SOL (Success Outta Luck).  This is when those millions of sure-thing couples’ relationship problems exponentially increase.

It can be as simple as ABC:  Always Be Courting — Always Be Communicating — Always Be Curious

This is why some really smart people come to our rescue!  There are a few brilliant relationship experts whose hands-on, face-to-face work with couples have resulted in truly happier marriages.  A few.  A handful.  Yet, not one of them developed a society-wide solution.

Until now….

The Founders of Twoology spent a small fortune of their family’s fortune, and half-a decade researching what looks good; what kinda works; and what really works.  They personally interviewed 1000s of relationship experts, entrepreneurs and scholars.  They put their relationship at risk to see what methods worked.  They communicated with 1000s more couples still together, and 1000s more on their way out, or out.  They looked at their own mistakes and successes.  They paid attention to their friends and family’s relationships.  And they put it all two-gether for the two of you:  Twoology is their gift to you!

You have in your cyber-hands the authority and access to your relationship’s most powerful relationship tool:  Twoology

At last, the two of you now have one place for the two of you.  One place to get relationship questions answered by true experts (Expert Videos).  One place to get DIY guides on how to do anything romantically (Romantipedia).  And, most importantly, one place to help make certain that your best intentions to do the right things, stay on track (Relationship Tools).  And, coming soon one place to:

  • Find best places to go on date nights (Dates & Deals)
  • Guaranteed wanted gifts (Giftopedia)
  • Valuable time, energy and resource referrals (Time Savers)

It’s all FREE!

Try it now and see how you can:

  • avoid falling into unromantic routines
  • avoid letting your relationship drift into auto-pilot
  • avoid being taken for granted
  • avoid doing all the work to keep your relationship going
  • avoid nagging (and getting nagged)
  • increase better sex
  • increase better intimacy and communications
  • Increase better fun, respect and energy
  • increase the wealth and health of your most valuable asset
  • increase your overall happiness!

After years of R&D, the couple who helped more singles meet, date and marry in the 20th Century, Cindy & Jeff Ullman, released the first scientifically-backed resource for couples, with 1000s of expert relationship videos, 100’s of romantic how-to guides, and elegantly simple relationship tools to help ensure that any couple puts their excellent guidance into actual daily practice.

Do it for yourself.  Do it for your relationship.  Do it now and forever . . .

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