Danielle Jagoda, MA, LMFT

Making a relationship commitment

What should I consider before making a relationship commitment? I would encourage a partner who’s less sure about if they want to take the relationship to the next level but they realize it’s not really about their partner, it’s about themselves, and if they are ready or not to take the relationship to the next level, to journal and to really explore within themselves what is it that they’re hoping for, what is it that they’re needing from their partner, what is it that they want to change within themselves before they’re ready to be in a serious committed romantic relationship that includes living together or marriage.

Sometimes what I find is people have a fear of commitment just due to past experiences or things they’ve seen their own parents go through such as, you know, parents who’ve been divorced and so they have a fear of abandonment or a fear of rejection or issues with loss and so they almost aren’t ready to go to the next level in their own relationship for fear that that could be replayed in this current relationship.

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