Allen Berger, Ph.D.

Learn partner’s love languages

In this Twoology video, relationship expert, Allen Berger, Ph.D., shares the best ways for learning your partner’s love languages. Everyone receives love differently. Learn how your partner prefers to receive love, and then show it to them in that way. Once you learn their about love languages, you’ll be able to know the ways to show and express your love and this helps grow your relationship.

What are some ways for learning my partner’s love language?  If you’re wondering about how to let your partner know that you truly love them, that you really want them to get how you’re feeling about it, part of that question means that something is missing in your relationship, and it’s causing you pain. And I understand that, because that connection is important for us, and it’s important for you, too, obviously.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about that question is that a lot of times, there are different love languages. For example, I may need you to touch me to feel loved. You may need to hear somebody say it to you. However, if you talk to me in terms of your language versus talking to me in terms of how I hear love, then we’re going to miss that connection to each other.

So, the first thing, and this is so important for couples, is that you really have to get to know your partner. Pay attention to them. Be completely emotionally present. If you do, then you’re going to learn what kind of language that their love language is. And, when you learn that, then you’re going to be able to express that love for them in the way that they can hear you.

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