Jennifer Johnston-Jones, Ph.D.

Manage new mom anxiety

What are some tips for first time mom anxiety?  When you just have your baby, you’re evaluating your relationship and you’re thinking, oh, is this the way it’s going to be? We never have sex. We never sleep. We never eat. We’re exhausted. We don’t have any time for each other. Is this what parenting is? Just stop.

One way to manage new mom anxiety is to stop evaluating yourself. It is essential to recognize this is temporary. The reason so many marriages fail when the children are young is because people tend to evaluate too early. They look at the situation. They panic. Oh my God, what have we gotten ourselves into? I can’t handle this. I’m out of here.

Don’t do that. Lower your expectations. Know that this is temporary. It’s a time of going in your word. So, before you had children, there was a lot of outward expression, there was career development. There might have been passionate nights on the town. Now is the time for your family to come first. Sleepy nights, intimacy connecting through hugs in pajamas the fire. Things change dramatically. If you wait to evaluate it, once it’s settled in after a year, you feel that inner peace. But if you got agitated before the year is over and you run, you’re missing out on the beauty of a true family and true intimacy. So, that’s my tip.

Don’t evaluate before a year. It’s temporary. It will change. It will get easier. Give your partner a break. They’re doing the best that they can. It’s overwhelming for every single person in the world. So, hang in there, the stress will decrease as you learn to manage new mom anxiety.

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