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Lack of money does not mean everything

Use your creativity, sense of humor, playfulness and all kinds of other resources on hand to pick up the slack when you don’t have a stack of $100’s to throw around. Lack of cash is depressing (UGH!), but when you spend just a few minutes, you can pick and choose from some amazing choices (BTW, do a search on for “date ideas”, and you’ll have tons of great stuff all ready for you to enjoy!)

Love letters

Making your own Valentine’s Day card is an option, but arts and crafts may not be your forte’. Instead, writing a love letter will be much better received as it truly comes from your heart and is personalized for the one you love. If you’re weak on longer missives, try leaving dozens of post-it notes around the house, car, underwear drawer, briefcase and other locales where just your mate’s eyes can find them.

Make your own erotica

Take sexy and romantic photos and videos of yourself doing whatever you can imagine. Role-play. Dress up. Put your smile on!

Give the gift of time

Sometimes time is the most valuable gift you can gift to your spouse or significant other; in today’s busy world, we often don’t spend as much time together as we should and it can really take its toll on a relationship quickly. Make a plan to spend some quality time together, your significant other and your relationship will thank you.


Even if you can’t afford to send flowers, you can still give her flowers today. Go to your local flower supply shop or farmer’s market and choose and beautiful bouquet. It will often be less than half the price of those famous flower delivery services and they will be much fresher.  And, maybe you’ve thought ahead and grown some winter-friendly flowers?  shrubs?  spices?

Can you cook?

Make a romantic dinner for two at home. You would be surprised by how much more you can afford when you aren’t paying for someone to cook it and someone else to serve it to you. Go all out at a restaurant and you can easily spend well over $150. To do the same at home will cost you around $40. Quite a difference isn’t it?

Homey massages

Here’s one last idea that you are both sure to love. You have seen the salon ads this time of year for couple’s massages and I am sure you have seen the price; it’s expensive! Why not pick up a bottle of massage oil, light some candles, put on some soft music and give each other massages? It’s more intimate, less expensive and what better way to say I love you?

Keep the kids and pets away

This is about the two of you enjoying yourselves without the day-to-day regular traditions or requirements. Shut the world out (including your kids). You need to focus on the two of you — otherwise, you could too easily suffer the financial consequences of a downward spiraling marriage.


  • What matters most to women is how much thought and effort you sincerely put into spending time with each other on Valentine’s Day, as well as on any other date night (or day) together. Be clever. Have fun. And reap rich romantic rewards.

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