Daniel Linder, MFT

Break the cycle of destructive communication patterns

Emotional withdrawal in the relationship is often the result of hurt feelings and unexpressed communication. Where there are uncomfortable feelings and conflicts and issues arising that do not get addressed and do not get discussed, when the tension and pain increases, the natural response is to withdraw emotionally as a way of protecting oneself. But it happens at a cost to the relationship. Emotional withdrawal is something that can be, and often is, identified in couple’s therapy.

In couple’s therapy, the person who is withdrawing has an opportunity to account for it. When they are called upon in couple’s therapy, they will be able to connect the dots and often see that they’re withdrawing as a way of coping with the situation and that it is not helping the relationship. It’s just creating more distance and more tension. Couple’s therapy will give them a space where they can come out, and, instead of withdrawing, they can express whatever feelings, wants and needs are going on in them.

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