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Nick & Jess — New Girl

  • These two have finally decided to be with each other after flirting for two years as roommates. They both had problems saying “I love you” to each other but the words have come out and they let their quirkiness bring them closer together.

Marge & Homer Simpson — The Simpsons

  • This couple has shown that they can get through everything. They fight, but in the end, they are always there for each other. Homer makes romantic gestures, even though he is a bonehead and Marge loves him no matter what. No doubt: Marge & Homer Simpson are one of TV’s greatest romantic couples.

Pacey and Joey — Dawson’s Creek

  • These high school friends became lovers, even when all else was against them. They demonstrated that love truly can conquer all.

Damon and Elena — Vampire Diaries

  • Elena fell for Damon once she became a vampire and she doesn’t care about all of the terrible things in the past. Damon was even willing to let her go because he feared he might be too evil for her, but in the end, they are just right for each other.

Jesse and Becky — Full House

  • Becky was the one woman that could tame Jesse. He was devoted to her and even became more lovable once they started to have children.

Luke and Lorelai — Gilmore Girls

  • Luke and Lorelai had known each other forever and Luke was the one constant in her life. They found love and he was completely dedicated to being in the relationship.

Ray and Debra — Everybody Loves Raymond

  • When Debra can tolerate Ray’s mother, you know that’s true love. The two of them raised kids together and always managed to make things work, no matter what they were up against.

Luke and Laura — General Hospital

  • This soap opera couple always seemed to be able to tolerate more than the average couple. Even death didn’t stand in their way.

Rachel & Ross — Friends

  • For years, everyone watched in the “will they, won’t they” scenario. Once they got together, everyone was glued to the TV because of Ross’ strong desire to be with Rachel and Rachel finally being in a stable relationship where she felt loved.

Lily & Marshall — How I Met Your Mother

  • This couple demonstrates how much fun it can be to fall in love. Both of them would do anything for the other one, and they are constantly showing that they belong together.

Jim & Pam — The Office

  • Jim and Pam have demonstrated that an office romance can work. TV viewers watch them go from flirting to marrying to having babies.

Mike & Carol Brady — The Brady Bunch

  • Mike and Carol came together with a whole bunch of kids on their own. They made a family work and even though there were trouble with the kids, they would always kiss each other good night.

Lucy & Ricky Ricardo — I Love Lucy

  • Ricky loved Lucy regardless of all of her screw ups. They were a lovable couple and no matter how much she would get into trouble, he loved her until the end of days. No doubt: Lucy & Ricky are one of TV’s greatest romantic couples.

Cliff & Claire Huxtable — The Cosby Show

  • They show demonstrated that two people with successful careers were able to have it all – they had a loving relationship with each other and with their children.


  • There is nothing needed, except for access to the TV or movie that you pulled the item from. This will allow you to share the most romantic couple on TV with your partner to see if he or she agrees with you.
  • TV’s greatest romantic couples can inspire us regardless of how real they really are. Cherry pick from TV’s greatest romantic couples anything you’d like for your life.


  • TV evolves and your idea of the greatest romantic couple may even all that as well. Try and find a couple that is realistic to you and your goals in life. As you get married and have children, your greatest romantic couple may change based upon how they raise their children – and how you want to raise your own.

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