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1. Feel the force inside you

Like sex? Of course you do! Yet, if you haven’t tried tantric sex, here’s the first of our tantric sex tips: You need these tantric sex tips ASAP! Set aside uninterrupted sacred time for intimacy. Sexual energy is the life-force: a man and woman coming together make a circle of sexual power that tantra calls the ‘circle of light.’ Mindfully tap into your sexual senses by shutting out all other thoughts.

2. Be silent

One of the best tantric sex tips is to know that tantric sex promotes good energy between couples: facing each other, sit down in a comfortable place, hold hands,  and steadily look into each other’s eyes without speaking. Do not touch yet; just be.

3. Look deeply

Most people are turned on visually. Your eyes are channels for sexual energy. Sit and gaze deeply into your lovers eyes, really seeing their soul. Continue looking and not speaking.

4. Breathe together

Tantric practice incorporates sensory and emotional to the experience. Think of breath as a bridge to your inner goddess and god. Focus your attention on your breath: still looking at each other, not speaking, start slowly and deeply breathing in and out together in the same rhythm, then take turns breathing alternately (as you inhale and your lover exhales), moving the connecting energy. If you use a blindfold, the sense of sight is lost and the other senses are heightened. Build more excitement by blowing on their body front and back, especially their erogenous zones from toes to neck and side to side. When you combine all the tantric sex tips you’re learning here, your sex life will never be so ordinary again….

5. Lie down and touch

Tantric sex is all about building up erotic energy, getting your lover to the edge of orgasm and  prolonging the play increasing sexual awareness and need. Focus on making touch more meaningful through mindfulness and intention. Lie down and begin to touch each other slow and gently.

  • Men:  the root of female sexual energy lies in the breasts.
  • Women:  the root of the penis instead of the tip is where you begin your loving-touch.

Use aromatherapy oils, cinnamon or vanilla incense, feathers, silky cloth, comb or edibles like warmed chocolate, ripe berries, whipped cream on different body parts, licking , nibbling, sucking.

6. Attentive awareness

That means enjoy the journey without the pressure of achieving orgasm. Keep in touch with your own body reactions. Tantric practice means staying present in the body during love-making. Don’t block anything: mindfully feel what you are feeling. Look at your partner and share what they are feeling without words. This alone is one of the very most important tantric sex tips we can share with you.

7. Sacred kissing 

Kissing is a language all its own. Kiss to communicate, discover, and to show loving. Add these kinds of kisses:

  • synchronized – get into your favorite lovemaking position (without penetration)
  • touch lips and gently breath together
  • eyebrow butterfly kisses — using your lips, eyebrows, nose
  • yin yang kissing — suck gently on your lover’s lower lip (yip) then, only their upper lip (yang)
  • alphabet kisses — tongue the letters of the alphabet on their body
  • tongue intercourse — quickly flick your tone in and out of their mouth and alternate with slow deep darts as if you were f-ing
  • temperature — use ice cubes, sparkling wine, warm cocoa to titillate your lover’s aural senses.

8. Take your time entering

Prolong foreplay and take your time playing with each other before penetration. The first penetration creates the way you share your love, so make it last as long as you can. Stay aware of your breathing and try to keep your breathing in synch while entering. (this will probably be one of your most memorable tantric sex tips…..)

9. Make slow love

Much of western sexuality is directed at a quick, intense orgasm. Tantric sex is slow; it offers an orgasm that is more of a state of body, not an event. This is called the full-body orgasm. Best positions to help her reach a G-spot orgasm: rear entry — she kneels on all fours, keeping her back arched, head up and not on the bed; the kama sutra fusion — he sits with legs extended in front, arms behind for support, she faces him and lowers herself into squatting position onto his penis, and she rocks both in and out and side to side; the flower press — she gets into missionary position and raises her legs up onto his chest or shoulders, holding onto his hips rubbing her clitoris against him.

10. Healing energy

Make love to improve and heal your relationship. Even in times of conflict, if the bodies come together, they want to connect sensuously and intimately. Bodies are designed to make love for hours, and it is healthy to make love as often as possible. Love is the greatest therapy there is.


  • Set aside uninterrupted sacred time for intimacy; a place you both feel comfortable and safe to explore each other’s bodies. Practice good oral and body hygiene. Sex pillows or cushions, aromatherapy oils, cinnamon or vanilla incense, lube, erotica, feathers, silky cloth, comb or edibles like warmed chocolate, ripe berries, whipped cream. There are countless books on tantric sex to explore.


  • Practice. Practice. Practice. And please re-read this tantric sex tips until they are second nature to you both.

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