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Happier List His Graphic

Makes Me Happier

Plan a vacation
Aug 20 (SMS)
Say something nice about me in front of others
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Let's go to a football game
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Happier List Her Graphic

Makes Vanessa Happier

Let's cook dinner together
Jan 08 (SMS)
Surprise me more with love notes, small gifts
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Plan a double-date night with my best friend
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Personal Reminders

Aug 20
Plan a vacation (SMS)
Aug 20
Get birthday gift for son
Jan 08
Let's cook dinner together (Email)
Pick up passport (SMS)
Bring me flowers :) (SMS)

Resolutions & Goals

Take one weekend vacation together when the kids are at camp this summer
Aug 20
Learn how to dance in time for Vanessa's 15th high school reunion
Oct 10
More love notes and fewer to-do lists
Dec 31
Say YES to sex when the other asks ---- nicely!
Dec 31