Jim Hallowes, B.S.

Married the wrong person

What if I think I married the wrong person? For some couples in a relationship, they’ve been together for a couple of years and they all of a sudden realize, “Maybe we got intimate too quickly.

Here’s why: women bond, particularly young women, to their partners because of the hormone oxytocin. It’s the cuddle hormone, or the love hormone. If you physically bond too fast, you may wind up being with, getting married to, and having a kid with a guy who’s not that great. So, a couple of years in, when reality sets in, it becomes a matter of deciding, is this person 51% valuable?

There are so many jerks out there that are not worth marrying. So, don’t find yourself making a physical commitment to another person. Make a commitment to the relationship. Do your half, and hope to God that they do theirs.

Do not panic if you think you rushed into marriage.  Weigh whether you think the marriage is at least 51% valuable.  Do your part.  Discuss with your partner the needs and expectations of the marriage.  Journal your thoughts and feeling.  Accept the fact that there are no quick fixes; visualize success and take it one day at a time.

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