What are the Odds You Found the Love of Your Life?

The co-founders of Twoology helped more singles meet, date and fall in love in the 20th Century, than anyone else. They created video dating, which was the most high-tech way of being at two places at the same time: wherever you are at any particular time, and available to be seen (heard and read about) by countless other singles — who, like you — were searching for the right partner. Yet, what if your perfect person didn’t live in your city? Maybe didn’t even live on the same continent? Or, maybe they were always right there in your ‘hood, but not available for the taking….because they were already taken by someone else. WOW! The odds of you just finding that person are pretty astronomical!

So, if you’re a couple, you have whom and what you have. Is it really worth it for you to keep putting all your resources and dreams into keeping this one relationship alive and thriving? Or, should you find a way to extricate yourselves and thrust yourselves back into the dating pool of 100,000,000+ singles?

If you’re single, are you looking for ‘good enough’ or ‘really right for me?’ There’s much to be considered no matter what your current marital status is.

One thing is for certain: We’re often much more critical and opinionated about the person we’re considering to be our mate, than we’d ever want them to be of us. So, couples and singles: If you genuinely desire a committed relationship, there’s a lot you have to do to get yourself ready, and even more work to be done after you’ve found each other…..

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