Daniel Linder, MFT

Is cybersex considered cheating

When you suspect a spouse of being involved in cyber sex or cyber relationships, your feelings need to be expressed. It goes back to the level of safety that exists in your relationship. It’s important that you be able to tell them that something doesn’t feel right, right now; something is missing.

Tell them they’re behaving differently; they’re not the same; there’s something that’s not working for you, and you want to be able to talk to them about it. You want to be able to ask them what’s going on. When you’re in this situation, you want to be able to approach your partner. You definitely need to address it, but you should do it in a loving way; show them that you’re genuinely concerned about their well being and the well being of the relationship.

You don’t want to be coming from a place where you want to be harsh on your partner, attack them, berate them, make them feel that there’s something wrong with them. You want to be coming from a place of genuine concern about the well being of the relationship and the well being of your partner, but let them know that you have a gut sense that something is missing or something is not the way you know it to be.

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