Allen Berger, Ph.D.

Should married couples merge finances

In this Twoology video, relationship expert, Allen Berger, Ph.D., advises married couples about merging their finances vs keeping them seperate. If you feel like you are giving up your individuality having a joint bank account, this is a sign that you have issues with entering this relationship. If you are building a relationship together, you should be able to build a bank account together. If you cannot make this commitment, ask yourself how committed you are to the relationship.

Should we have separate banking accounts?  A question that, oftentimes, comes up is should we keep our separate bank accounts when we get married? What’s the best way to approach this? But I have, I think, a better question. The issue becomes one of can you keep your individuality when you’re joining your partner? If you can, then the best thing for you to do is have an account together. You guys are creating a life together, and you need to be able to manage that.

If you can’t do that, then you need some help in terms of keeping your individuality while you’re connected to your partner. That is the most important thing that you can do throughout your marriage. Keep a sense of yourself while at the same time stay connected. How you manage your bank account is one area you that you can do that in.

When you consider whether you should merge/ combine your finances, keep some portion seperate or keep them 100% seperate do some self exploration about your values, comfort level, issues of trust and other issues from your past that affect this decision. Lay your fears on the table. listen to your partners. Discuss your goals. Examine your incomes and expenses and create a plan that both of you are comfortable with. Different couples will have different solutions. Schedule a monthly money talk.

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