Daniel Linder, MFT

Sexual boundaries and getting our needs met

The rules of engagement or the parameters of the relationship concerning monogamy, extramarital affairs, and going outside of the relationship for sex need to be discussed. You need to establish what the expectations are, what each person’s needs are, to what extent each person’s needs are being met, and what kind of alternatives or solutions might exist in order to achieve greater levels of fulfilment. This is a conversation to have that will help both partners get to know each other better, deepen their intimacy, achieve understanding, and support each other’s happiness and total fulfilment in the relationship.

It’s a process of communication, and every couple is different. These things need to be hashed out and dealt with. They need to determine what the needs and wants of each partner are, and what they are going to do when there’s frustration and they’re not satisfying each other in certain ways.

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