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  • I love you. I want you. I need you.
  • I <3 U Forever!
  • Take me in your arms and love me forever.
  • Your lips are the sweetest things I have ever tasted.
  • My heart trembles when you are near.
  • Falling in love with you was so easy.
  • You make me a better person.
  • I’m so in love with you I could burst.
  • FYI: I’m in love with you.
  • Come home and love on me.
  • Don’t make me wait any longer to see you.
  • You’re all I could ever want in this life.
  • You are the sunshine of my world.
  • Your love is all I need.
  • My wish came true – I’m with you.
  • Cyber kiss: SWAK!
  • Being with you makes my head swoon.
  • Thank you for being my rock.
  • I am poor without you in my presence.
  • You’re the only one I could ever be with after being with you.
  • You have spoiled me beyond belief.
  • Don’t ever break my heart as I simply could not take it. Your love is what keeps my heart beating.
  • Hug me, hug me, hug me and show me no mercy.
  • You are my heart and my soul.
  • I don’t want to be anywhere in the world unless it’s in your arms.
  • I’ve lost track of time thinking about you.
  • You’re the best – I couldn’t ask for better.
  • I wait with baited breath until we are together again.
  • Words are never enough to express my love.
  • Every day gets better because you are in my life.
  • God answered my prayers when he let me find you.
  • 1+1=2, but me and you we are equal to one.
  • My love for you is like oxygen.
  • I cannot live without you.
  • You are my one true love.
  • My eyes were shut until I found you. Now, I can see the beauty in life.
  • If I die, I want to come back as a tear that rolls down your cheek and dies on your lips.

There are plenty of ways to send a quick romantic text message so your partner knows how much you love them. If you run out of text messages to send and you are still lacking the right words, you can always check out various movie quotes. Pull quotes from your favorite romantic movie (or your partners) and send them via text message as well.

As long as you are expressing yourself. Sincerely, it doesn’t matter what words you use.


  • The only needed items are cell phone and the ability to send/receive text messages. If you want to get a book on romantic quotes, you can do so. Otherwise simply keep an open mind when you create the text messages periodically. You can also listen to the love songs that are on the radio. The lyrics can provide you with all of the text messages that you need for eternity.


  • Set your phone to remind you when it’s time to send a new text message. You may want to get in the habit of sending one every Tuesday morning or a different day, every week. While you probably don’t need a reminder to say “I love you”, you want to make sure you make your partner’s day with special messages – and sometimes a reminder will help you so that you don’t let the stress of a day get to you.
  • Don’t simply use text messages. you can be creative as to how you are going to deliver these messages. Write a note on a napkin and place it in your partner’s lunch to go to work. Kiss a note card and write the words “I love you” and place it in the pocket of their favorite jeans. Think outside the box and you will go far.

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