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1. Schedule

Pick a date and make it stick! All you need is just one glorious holiday together and you’ll know what to do ever after.

2. Make it easy

Just two nights, and close to home is easiest; especially when you have such little time.

3. Things to do

Maybe what you need is not to do anything! Stay up late. Sleep in. Eat when you’re hungry.

4. Where to look

Ask friends; use the Internet to research deeper, if that’s to your liking.

5. Venue

Afford a little more than normal, as you’re investing in yourselves.

6. Careful

Avoid business, conference or family hotels. Before you book it, call the hotel to confirm.

7. Planning

Either one of you can do as much of the planning as you makes sense. Maybe you want to do it all? Maybe you want to share the work? Or, maybe you’ll just get there and make decisions together?

8. Help

Use the venue’s concierge; if they don’t have one, use the Internet.

9. Do it!

Yes, there really is a ‘conspiracy against romance’: your kids might claim you’re abandoning them or they won’t be able to do what they want; your work might always be demanding; your friends, extended family or other responsibilities will all reach out and want you to stay for them.

10. Your lives!

If you’re not the centerpiece of each other’s lives and not re-charging yourselves to stay deeply connected, then everything else in your lives is at risk. Say NO to anyone who tries to make their lives more important than yours.


  • Childcare (if needed). The fewer clothes the better; don’t make this an ordeal.


  • No less than once a year and just the two of you.


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