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The War on Relationship Unhappiness Escalates

The most successful couple in the social relationship industry of the 20th Century — who have been called “The Twosome”– has set Tuesday, January 14, 2014, as the beginning of Relationship Resolution Reset Month.

Cheating on one’s spouse has been around forever yet it’s morphed into outrageous online and offline sexual, emotional, financial and other forms. Relationship experts agree that breaking vows doesn’t just happen overnight; it’s a mutation caused by a combination of romantic boredom, unfilled expectations, a focus on “me” instead of “WE,” and an insensitivity that anything might possibly go wrong in one’s own relationship.

AshleyMadison, the online dating site for married couples who want to cheat on their spouse, announced that they signed up a record number of new cheaters on January 1, 2014. February 15 is typically their highest volume day.

Couples website co-founders, Cindy and Jeff Ullman, created Relationship Resolution Reset Month for couples because it’s close enough to New Years for couples to recognize they probably didn’t make the one resolution most vital to the two of them. It’s essential to act on how to make their relationship better and realize that their relationship needs a healthy stimulant now and then.

“We challenge any couple to either give in to the lures of cheating, or step up and really do something far more crucial for their relationship. Join us on January 14, or any day prior to Valentine’s Day, to reinvigorate, reignite, and reaffirm the two of you! All you need is time for you to connect to each other to make your new resolutions special,” proclaimed Cindy.

It’s just one month until Valentine’s Day. Perhaps the most romantic gift a couple can give to each other is to keep making each other happier, to keep fulfilling their resolutions.

So, are you a cheater or a committer?

Make your decision now so you’ll do the right thing for the two of you.’s gift to all couples:

FREE relationship tools to help their resolutions come true. Also check out the video on the Top 10 Resolutions Couples Will BREAK in 2014 at



  • offers free use of the world’s largest library of relationship expert videos, DIY Romantipedia Guides, and a host of powerful relationship tools. The company was created by Cindy and Jeff Ullman who helped more singles meet, date, and marry than anyone in the 20th Century and are offering their socially responsible Twoology Relationship Fitness System to help couples make their relationship easier, happier, and more intimate. Jeff previously founded Great Expectations, the nationally-franchised video dating company.


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