Ana Morante, LMFT

Resolve marriage differences

Latino marriage communication help. Create harmony between the two of you discussing your cultural differences and be willing to listen to the thoughts and views of your partner as a way of strengthening your relationship.

Latino is a big group to have people under. We have Latinos from a variety of cultures, a variety of countries, even sometimes we do not even understand the language that we speak. So, sometimes Latinos can also have a mixed marriage. I have had many friends that are, some of them are from Mexico, the other ones are from Puerto Rico, and when they get together it is like two different worlds. The important thing in this is to understand that not because we speak the same language or because both of us are called Latino, it means that we are going to understand each other. It is very important that we realized that our backgrounds are probably very different and many times that is what attract us to each other. However, that can also get us into a lot of trouble.

The key thing here is to recognize that wherever we are coming from, we bring a lot of ourselves, a lot of our values, a lot of our history with each other. The important thing is, first to note to be in touch with what is my culture, what have I have been raised with and what are some of my beliefs? And also to talk about that with my partner, with my husband so what has he bring with him? And especially in the areas where we do not see eye to eye, the ideal thing is to see it is not a different. It doesn’t have to be better or worst, it is just means we came from a different background and what we need to do is really acknowledge that we are different and the second thing is to understand what can we do in order to make our backgrounds in our history work for us? Actual blend together in a dance that is going to create some harmony between the two of us. Three main skills that are used for that:

To be able to speak up and tell your husband or your wife, what is it that you are used to. What are some of the values and the traditions that you care with you?

The second thing is listen. Listen to your partner’s point of view and acknowledge them and honor them for who they are or what they are bringing.

And the third thing is how are we going to cooperate? I am making those two basically worlds come together and create a third world that is going to enrich us when we think the best of both cultures.

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