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Sensuality and sexuality are close, but not the same.  When your mate does a random act of sensuality, they are doing something to make you feel (physically) good — Could be any or all of your senses.  So, need a little help getting things hot again? Sometimes, it’s the subtle and sensual things that will get you the steamiest results!



1. The look

Oh man, that look from across the room that says, “I want to take you right now.” Women love it, especially when you’re in a crowded place. Try it the next time you’re out with her.

2. Compliment her body

It doesn’t always need to be overtly sexual, but small mentions out of the blue on how good a pair of jeans look on her or asking her to sleep naked because you like how her skin feels, will go a long way.

3. Show off a little

Are you good at singing or playing an instrument? Are you skilled at swinging a bat or a golf club? Sometimes, the biggest turn-ons are watching a man do what they do best. It’s hot. Find out what she likes, and work it in as often as possible.

4. Kissing

Good, passionate, giving kisses are amazing. Don’t move onto the other stuff too quickly, women love to be kissed. Stop her with one unexpectedly. Just do it.

5. Secret spots

Nibble and smooch the little spots on her that make her crazy. It sounds basic, but a lot of men abandon this eventually. Do you remember what she likes? Maybe it’s time to bust out a new nibble spot … ear, neck, hip, hand …


1. Little secret

Whisper sexy things in his ear when you’re out in public. Tell him how good he looks and steal a little kiss.

2. Tease him

Get him worked up. Give him a little of what he wants here and there, but make him wait. Let him touch and kiss you, but make him stop before he gets too far. He’ll go nuts.

3.   Touch him

Men love to be touched, so have your hands on him whenever possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re rubbing his back, his head or his leg. He’ll love it.

4. Be kinda naked

You may feel insecure, but your fella loves it when you don’t have clothes on. When you can, wear as little as possible. Maybe just a t-shirt and panties, or something clingy. And wear it confidently. Nothing will turn him on like a semi-naked confident you!

5. Secret spots

Like men, women also tend to forget the little places their guy likes to be nibbled and kissed. When was the last time you tried kissing him somewhere new?


Be opportunistic to spring a little sensuality on your partner unexpectedly.


Why stop once you’ve started? Find out what’s working, and keep it going.


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