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Hide the Kids, It’s Time for Romance!

The following blog was written by Cindy Ullman for the blog, Rocky Slopes.  

  • Here’s why I’m so proud of my wife (who is also my business partner and cofounder for Twoology): she’s a 6-time mom (plus 3 grandsons…and more on the way). She’s my G.I.L.F. (If you know what a M.I.L.F is you can figure out what the “G” stands for). She’s the biggest enthusiast I know for couples date nights (her favorites: dancing, comedy, and Club Med-type dining). She’s the kind of great mom who places being a great wife in her number one position (helps to make for a rock-solid foundation to help grow emotionally stable children, and sets a life-lasting role model for children in their romantic pursuits).


The quest of busy parents is to rescue romance from the dirty diaper bin. This means planning ahead to find moments to remember why you fell in love. Check out these ways to rekindle “That ‘Lovin Feeling” (I’ve tried them all — and more — myself):

Love Notes

Leave them a love note or card. Slip it into anything that you know that they will see early in the day. It warms their heart to know that you care enough to take time to put your feelings into words. It also motivates you to return the affection. They can be silly, sentimental, complimenting, or just showing interest in something they care about like, “Your show is on tonight. I can’t wait to snuggle up next to you. I love you so much!” When they know you’re thinking about them, they’ll find time for you.


When you’ve been trapped in the same routine for a few days, it’s time to do something exciting and romantic. Drop the kids off with a family member and hit the highway with a favorite CD and no particular place to go. Watching a classic romantic comedy together works well because of the witty relationship banter. If you can arrange an overnight rendezvous, visit a cozy bed and breakfast. Remember to “sleep” in!

Relationship Tip #3
Always know what puts a smile on your mate’s face
Look at your mate’s Makes Me Happier list


Say goodnight to the kids, clear the dinner table, light scented candles, play soft music, and bring out the decadent desserts you picked up on the way home. Talk about anything but the kids. Keep the conversation light and flirty. Take time for silly small talk with a side of charm. That’s how it used to be.

Touch Time

Mark a date on the calendar for some “Touch Time!” On the chosen day, send a provocative email or text confirming the exact time. Let them know how much you’re looking forward to it!

  • Scheduling Touch Time! allows you to store up energy and build desire as it grows nearer. Try not to jump the gun. Meeting a few minutes early and waiting for the clock to strike will make the event even more exciting and spectacular!

On the Fly

What busy couples need most is the thing they lack most-time. Quality time with your lover often must happen on-the-fly. The “fly date” can be a quick kiss, hug, and “I love you” at a convenient locations during your lunch break. Bring each other a special snack. It doesn’t really matter where, when, or how long you’re able to meet for your “fly date.” Varying locations increases the fun and shows you are willing to make your relationship interesting and memorable. Schedule “fly dates” at least once a week.

Needed Items

  • Love Notes — Handmade notes or inexpensive cards are fine, it’s the message that matters.
  • Getaway — Find a CD from your dating days, a classic romantic comedy, and make reservations at a cozy bed and breakfast.
  • Hideaway — Use candles, soft music, and an excellent take-out dessert for this one.
  • Touch Time — All you need is love…and a calendar.

With the responsibility of being parents comes the pressure of trying to keep love alive. This is not a ten day crash diet, it’s a lifestyle plan designed to invoke the person your partner fell in love with. Making time to enjoy these ideas will increase the pleasure and relationship longevity in the lives you share!

Sure would like to know other couples’ thoughts about how to be a great spouse and a great parent. You can reach me through my blog or through Twoology.

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