Peruvians Vote for 'Nicest Couple' image

When couples dance they create exquisite memories and intimate rituals

More than 1,200 pairs of domestic and foreign dancers participated in the 2014 International Marinera Competition in Trujillo, a coastal city in northern Peru.

“We are committed to the culture of our country, that’s why we are honored to be the official sponsor of this traditional Marinera festival,” said the company’s regional manager Romulo Berendson.

Movistar Peru, a unit of Spanish giant Telefonica, will be sponsoring the event from 2014 to 2016.

In conjunction with Club Libertad, Movistar has developed an app for Android smartphones that will allow users to experience the passion of the Marinera competition.

Available since January 13, the app gives users the chance to vote for “the nicest couple” and comes with the event’s official schedule, photo gallery, results and more.

Dubbed as the biggest dance festival of the year, the International Marinera Competition was held from January 20 to 26 at the Coliseo Cerrado Gran Chimu, Peru.

Marinera is a graceful and romantic couple’s dance originally from the northern coastal areas of Peru, but now popular all over the country. The dance is an elegant and stylized reenactment of a courtship and shows a blend of the different cultures of Peru.

So, what can you do after reading this?  No one’s looking: Grab your partner and do your own two-stepping — even in the confines of your home.  It’s just this kind of spontaneous activities which make you and your relationship more fun — and helps affair-proof it.

Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to schedule your own romantic getaway to Peru for their 2015 gala.  Then again, there are plenty of date night dancing opportunities local to you.  Just check online for local clubs.

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