Daniel Linder, MFT

Challenges do LGBT couples face that heterosexual couples do not

There are unique and specific challenges that homosexuals and bisexuals have that the heterosexual population doesn’t have. For instance, there are issues related to coming out. The coming-out-experience that each person in the relationship had will affect their ability to be comfortable with their sexuality and being themselves in the relationship.

That’s an area that is usually very fertile ground to explore. There’s also internalized homophobia. There’s a lot of shame and stigma associated with homosexuality that has become internalized from our conditioning that it’s wrong to be gay, bisexual, transgender, or anything out of the norm. We internalize society’s views of sexuality which translate to feelings of shame.

It’s something that needs to be made more conscious and discussed openly because you’re not going to be able to open yourself up and express yourself honestly and take risks and be vulnerable when you’re feeling ashamed for what you are at your core. So, the more these issues can be discussed openly, the better chance the relationship has of being intimate and fulfilling.

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