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Just In Time for Valentine’s Day

Boulder, CO… If having a happy and healthy marriage is important to Americans, why don’t more couples make at least one annual resolution to increase their relationship’s happiness?

According to Cindy and Jeff Ullman, co-founders of Twoology (, not a single one of the top 10 resolutions include anything about “making my marriage better.” And the University of Scranton Journal of Clinical Psychology reports that tens of millions make New Years resolutions.

The Ullmans recommend that all of America’s 75 million couples set aside January 14 to February 14 of every year as Relationship Resolution Reset Month. It’s close enough to traditional New Years without having all the noise to distract couples from increasing the health and wealth of their most valuable asset: their relationship. And, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, wouldn’t the greatest gift couples can give each other be to keep focused on their resolutions?

“Of course, chocolate, jewelry, and spas might be a nice start, too,” Cindy added.

Any way you look at the Relationship Unhappiness Rate (50% of all marriages, plus 20 percent stay together unhappily); American couples need a better, smarter way to fulfill their great romantic expectations. One easy solution could be to make a New Year’s resolution.

Why? The Ullman’s research from over 250 licensed relationship experts observes that couples:

● assume their relationship doesn’t need any changes

● believe what they’re already doing pleases their spouse

● don’t know how to do a mission statement or set specific goals for their relationship

● don’t inspect what they expect about reaching their goals

● don’t want to be disappointed

● settle for less than they expect or deserve

The Ullmans, who spent nearly $500,000 over the last decade researching successful habits and relationship-ending mistakes of couples prior to the launch of their relationship tools and information website for couples, conducted the first nationwide survey of its kind: 520 couples, ages 25 – 49, who made 2014 New Year’s resolutions, predicted what would happen to their resolutions — theirs, their mates, or the two of them together. Their predictions are contained in a short, funny, unnerving video: Top 10 Resolutions Couples Will BREAK in 2014.

● Husbands’ #1 prediction about which resolution their wives would break is: Expect me to be a mind reader

● Wife’s #1 prediction about which resolution their husbands would break is: Be as romantic, fun and sensitive as you were when we were dating

● The couples’ prediction about which resolution the two of them would break is: Make each other feel wanted and not take each other for granted.

“Most couples let their relationship slip into romantic autopilot, which sets in motion chronic unhappiness, cheating, or worse.” Cindy noted.

Her life-mate and business partner, Jeff, offers an overall strategy: “Couples need to practice lifelong relationship ABCs: Always Be Courting (each other).”


  • offers free use of the world’s largest library of relationship expert videos, DIY Romantipedia Guides, and a host of powerful relationship tools. The company was created by Cindy and Jeff Ullman, who helped more singles meet, date, and marry than anyone in the 20th Century, are offering their socially responsible Twoology Relationship Fitness System to help couples make their relationship easier, happier, and more intimate. Jeff previously founded Great Expectations, the nationally-franchised video dating service.


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