Who best represents America’s First Couple?

In November 2012, two men ran for President of the United States, but four people competed to become America’s next First Couple.

This video presents Mitt and Anne Romney.

Twoology created two videos:

We also asked people to vote for whom they thought makes the best role model to represent a truly happy American marriage — devoid of Blue/Red typical politics, and concentrating only on the politics within a marriage.

Vote for Americas First Couple Mitt & Anne Romney Fight in Funny Siri Style Video  blog

Despite the media obviousness that both couples were sincerely in love, the Obamas were overwhelmingly voted as the most truthful examples of a happy marriage.

Like the result, or not, we guarantee you’ll like both videos.  (And, of course, they are both over the top; that’s satire)

The remaining question is:  What do you see happening in either of the Obama’s or Romney’s marriage that is similar to your own?

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