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1.  Make it easy to start

Whatever style you like (old-style with pen, pencil or a crayon (!), or something digital, all you’re doing at this point is making some notes. Think about one thing about your honey. Just one. Close your eyes to start, if you’d like. What immediately comes to mind? Write that down. Don’t start writing about it, yet. Now, think of a second. Write that down. Keep going for a minute or two, and all kinds of wonderful feelings, smells, touches, memories and ya-gotta-be-kidding images will emerge. Use those, too. You’ll start to see a pattern, and if you want to include many of these points, do it. Otherwise, just focus on one of her wonderful qualities and express that in at least 3-5 different ways….and, you’ll soon be golden.

2.  Women appreciate the effort more than the actual writing style

Here’s an important love letter writing tip: If at all possible, handwrite your love letter. This gives it a much more personal touch than through writing an email or a typed and printed letter. Of course, if you have the handwriting of a serial killer that is completely illegible, a typed letter is better than no letter at all. If you have a nice piece of stationary handy, she will appreciate this even more. But don’t choose a piece of paper with your company letterhead clearly displayed on the top. You don’t want the letter to come across as some sort of stale office memorandum.

3.  Give her lots of compliments!

This is perhaps the best relationship advice of all, whether you are writing her a love letter or taking her out to dinner. She should be the sole focus of your intentions. Tell her why you love and appreciate her, what makes her different from any other woman on earth. Yes, you should complement her great legs and winning smile, but focusing only on her outside appearance makes the letter seem superficial. You might come off looking like a sex crazed maniac instead of the love of her life.

One of the best love letter writing tips for guys on how to write a love letter is to include those combination of internal attributes that make her unique. Is she your best friend? Does she have a wicked sense of humor? Is she charming and easy to be with? Does she help to make you a better person?

4.  Make the letter about her, not you!

If you are writing the letter to apologize for a past mistake, make sure that the letter is not some excuse-filled rant for why you were such a jerk. Taking responsibility for your actions goes a long way, but be extra careful to not blame her in any way. If you write the letter properly, she will automatically admit to her part in the argument. Be totally straightforward and up front with her without being brutally honest. Your grammar and punctuation will always take a backseat to the actual confession, so just let the words flow.

5.  What does the future hold?

Love letter writing tips for guys works fantastic when the guy follows through and writes them! It’s that simple. Especially for women who want to have children at some point, they need to know where this relationship is headed. This is built into their DNA. After all, men can have children at any age. Charlie Chaplin fathered kids into his nineties. Women don’t have this luxury. Some of the best relationship advice for men is be clear in your future intentions… without lying. Don’t be afraid to express your dreams and fantasies for the future. Women love that!

Tell her how anxious you are to see her when you are apart, that her entrance into a room makes your heart skip a beat, and how you don’t ever want that feeling to go away. Use terms of endearment like “Darling”, “Dear”, or your private pet names for each other. Giving your love letter that extra personal touch and laying out a future


  • Since women (and guys) love to hear how deeply they’re appreciated, liked and loved, you know you gotta keep writing your love letters and notes. Look through Twoology’s many related content for love letters, showing your appreciation, romantic words, and other Romantipedia Guides. (And, please do not write anything on Mother Nature’s lovely trees!)

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