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1.   Auditory people

They are good listeners and like the sound of words. They enjoy great detail and often analyze what has been said. The tone and inflection of your voice can make the difference between ordinary and extraordinary communication. Give your auditory partner a lot of information about why you like them, and what you like most about them. For instance, “I like being with you because you have so much to say.” Explain what they said that so impressed you.

2.  Whisper

Can be ‘deafening’ as it can convey greater importance to what you’re saying. Your partner has to really listen and pay attention to hear you. Lower your voice and maintain eye contact.

3.  Tone of voice

Use the phrase, “Babe. Come here.” Practice a soft and sexy tone: “Baaabbe. Cooommme heeere.” Or, soft and angry, “Babe! Come here!” Hear the difference? Practice with different phrases and combination of tones to find what you like. Yes, you’ll feel silly but have fun with it!

4.  Talk dirty

OK. Your moaning, groaning, screaming and heavy breathing helps but if that’s your sole source of communication about sexual intimacy, you’ve just limited yourself. Consider dirty talking. Try it out and see how you feel. It’s a different level of arousal.

5.  Express your likes

You share your likes and dislikes about food with your partner; so share your likes about intimacy! Your partner can only guess your trigger points and what you desire. Use your gentle voice (in conjunction with physically showing) to help guide them. Or, during the cuddling period, share your fantasies or what your partner did that you liked. DON’T point out what your partner did wrong! By telling them how good they look, you’re reminding them about your physical attraction to them. It’s important to remind each other of positive attributes, such as eyes, hair, strong shoulders, pretty legs, great smile, when they’re wearing something nice, or looking particularly sparkly. Bespontaneous and sincere. People can spot insincere praise.

6.   Be pro-active

Ask your partner what turns them on, what they enjoy you doing for them, what their fantasies are, or what they’d be open to trying. The best time to talk is after sex, but if the topic arises for some reason, take advantage of the opportunity to discover more.

7.  Compliment

Tell them what you love about them – just them. Point out their unique qualities, like being thoughtful, gentle, funny, steadfast, reliable,
and trustworthy. This reminds them – and you – about why you chose this one-and-only partner. If a good thought crosses your mind, “Wow, he looks handsome,” or, “Her ass looks tight in those pants,” tell your partner! Don’t keep it in your head.

8.  Spicy messages

Leave a sexy message on your partner’s personal cell phone. It’ll bring excitement and anticipation for the both of you!

9.  Notice the little things

Sometimes it’s the little things that make us nuts. They can also make us smile. Say thanks for things they’re doing to please you – cleaning her hair
out of the shower drain, putting the toilet seat down, putting snack dishes in the dishwasher, filling your tank with gas, etc. It’s another way to show you like them, admire them, and are glad to be partners.

10.  Silence

Sometimes, not using your voice can “speak louder than words”. In this aspect, though, you’ve got to use a lot of body language, facial expressions, or hand gestures.


  • Listening skills. Understanding voice tones, inflection, and voice quality. Willingness to talk like Marilyn Monroe or James Bond. Ability to laugh at yourself, feel silly, and enjoy being intimate.


  • Communicating with an awareness on word choice and voice quality. Be confident and feel the part of your sexual power when you speak.


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