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1.  Dance

Your goal is to take the boring out of sex — with someone you see all the time. Get horny while hold back from having sex whenever you feel like it. What better way than a sexy party where both of you are lost in the midst of sex and booze on the dance floor? Grind, tease, touch and play with each other until both of you feel really horny, but don’t leave the floor. Instead, amp-up the pent-up energies so you’ll want to tear off each other’s clothes when you get in the car. Don’t feel comfortable dancing? Dance (anyway)! Women love romance, and few things show her romance than taking her in your arms and dancing (even if you ignore the fast dances). It’s almost a guarantee to spark more ofter off-the floor (non-vertical) physical feelings and activities.

2.  Sexual roleplaying

It’s more elaborate and time consuming because you both have to shed some inhibitions and trust each other. Then again, this is just between you two, so experiment. Choose different roles and costumes until you’ve found something good for you. If you need a kickstarter, keep the lights turned on while wearing masquerade masks while having sex. You’ll understand just how sexy both of you will feel.

3.  Fantasize together

Everyone has unfulfilled sexual fantasies; turn off the lights if that helps get things going.

4.  Be curious

When people date they’re getting to know each other; it’s a hunt (exploring); it’s a dance (ritual); it’s exciting because it’s all new. Your challenge is to put back the ABC (Always Be Curious) into your love life. This means you need to do new things. And so what if they ‘fail’; so long as you both are with each other and are in it together.

5.  Strangers

Pretend you don’t know each other. Call each other by some other name that each other finds sexy. Make up stories about your own lives and have fun indulging in a sexual conversation with a *stranger* while running your hands all over each other.

6.  Book a hotel room

Overnight or just for an afternoon delight.

7.  Change venue

Get your place to yourselves and have sex in places where you couldn’t (or, wouldn’t) before. Turn up the music. Close the shades. Turn off the phones. Maybe even watch some porn….

8.  Touch each other

Massage (with oils, maybe incense, music) Do it right. Large bath towel on the bed. Head to toe, with no less than 30 minutes on each side. Resist the urge to merge!

9.  Getaway together

Even if it’s just 50 miles away, the two of you (no kids or friends!) can do anything you please.

10.  Altered consciousness?

If alcohol can lower your inhibitions and bring out your inner animal (yet, not too much), what else might work even better?

11. Get out of your comfort zone

Consider doing some physical that’s very out of the ordinary; e.g., taking a surfing, roller skating, deep sea fishing, instead of a nice-quiet-predictable romantic walk on the beach or park. After being in an adrenaline-pumping situation (say, watching a suspenseful flick or going zip-lining), men and women find the opposite sex (you and your mate) more alluring. When you’re doing something exciting, your heart races; your nervous system is activated — similar to if you were sexually aroused.

12. Get hands on

Locking fingers with your honey is, well, sweet — but is it likely to make you hot and bothered? Yep! Even little acts of touching your partner release oxytocin, a hormone that may boost closeness and arousal. The key is to be spontaneous. Your out-of-the-blue excitement is what prompts your body to pump out oxytocin and other neurotransmitters related to sexual response, so choose unexpected times to get a little grabby.


  • Make a conscious decision to make a change for the better. The secret to libido and good sex starts in your head; erotic books, magazines, sexy movies, lotions, lubricants, and sex toys are great. Recreate the exciting feelings like when you were dating. stimulators.


  • ABC (Always Be Curious — Always Be Courting). Make the effort to be more touchy-feely. You need to be as anti-romance-on-autopilot as you can!


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