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1.  Career

Are you putting more effort into your job than your relationship? Have money, status and power become more important than love? Is work your excuse to avoid dealing with relationship problems? Are you overworking yourself so you won’t have to interact with your mate? Everyone has to pay bills, but you also must nurture your relationship for it to prosper. So put quality time together on your to-do list, because you definitely want to overcome non-sexual affair attitudes or behavior.

2.   Family

Are you too attached to your parents, siblings or kids to let your mate be the love in your life. (And yes….putting your kids first most of the time over your spouse is a proven non-healthy and non-happy way to sustain your primary romantic relationship. Kids need to see that they do not always come first!) When relatives are too demanding, your partner must compete for your attention. If you’re committed to a long-term relationship, put your mate first. Involve them in family get-togethers so everyone will see your love and devotion.

3.   Friends

Is a friendship more fulfilling than your love relationship? Do you value a friend’s emotional connection over your partner? Put your romance first if you want it to survive. Seek your mate’s company and conversation before turning to a friend.

4.   Emotional affair

Are you investing more emotional energy in someone else of the opposite sex? Do you get more emotional support from them? Are you sharing intimate thoughts and feelings more with the other party? Do you feel closer to them? Are you guilt free because you haven’t cheated sexually? If your romance has grown stale, remember your early feelings to rekindle the passion. Be more emotionally open and giving with your mate. Keep conversations with friends of the opposite sex casual to avoid a recurrence, because you definitely need to overcome non-sexual affair.

5.   Outside interests

Do you spend more time on hobbies and clubs than with your mate? Are you interacting with your computer or smart phone more than your partner in person? Whatever makes you unavailable hinders love. Reprioritize your life. Give your partner the time, attention and focus they deserve. Get involved in joint activities. Schedule a weeknight or a few weekend hours to do things separately. Commit to a weekly date to focus on each other.

6.   Financial infidelity

Are you keeping major purchases, financial resources, earnings or debts from your mate? Such behavior signals a lack of trust, possibly due to unrelated, unresolved problems. Do you spend money to feel in control or important, overcome insecurity or depression or escape other problems? Are you hiding money to flaunt independence? If you haven’t already had the money talk, do it now. Share financial histories, current monetary situations and decide how to manage your financial future as a couple. Resolve other underlying issues so this won’t recur.

7.   Self-medicating

The unwillingness or inability to stop alcohol, drug or food addiction may ruin your relationship. You can’t meet your mate’s needs if you can’t control your own obsessions, which may change your personality. If you want to keep your mate, overcome unhealthy dependence with willpower or professional treatment.


  • Re-prioritize your life, put your mate’s needs first, make more time for your partner. Work on maintaining openness, honesty, financial disclosure, stoping addictions, and if needed; get professional help


  • Continue recognizing unfaithful behaviors to avoid or overcome non-sexual affair before they cause major damage. Stop secretive and obvious actions that can bring your mate doubt, fear, anger and pain. Put them and your relationship first.

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