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1. Three’s not a crowd (if…..)

A threesome is the #1 fantasy for guys. They imagine their woman and her best friend…or a hot stranger. They fantasize every detail of being adored, fawned over and tended to by two women at once, and pleasuring them back.

2. Voyeurism

Guys like to watch in every possible way. They fantasize about watching a woman slowly undressing, strip-tease style. A beautiful stranger soaping themselves in the shower. Girl on girl sex. Watching themselves and their mate in a mirror while they make love. Watching their mate touch herself. Watching porn during sex.

3. Forbidden fruit

During sex, men like to fantasize about what’s off limits or out of bounds. Raw sex with a stranger is a very popular sexual fantasy guys have: The pretty girl at the coffee shop, neighbor, sister-in-law, the movie star, hooker, these are all big turn-ons.

4. Role playing

Guys fantasize about all kinds of sexy fantasy scenarios. Top ones are: Teacher-student; police officer- bad girl, patient- nurse, actor – hooker, porn star-porn star, dominatrix-submissive.

5. Variety 

Sex without the same-old-same-old sex positions in bed are high on the fantasy list. Fellatio, anal sex, up against the wall from behind, bent over the bed, tied-up, with sex toys, on the kitchen counter, on the patio…guys fantasize about sex positions and locations they don’t get enough of, or would like to try.

6. Showtime

There’s a bit of the exhibitionist in a lot of male fantasies. Risk equals the spice of excitement. Guys likes fantasy scenarios of a woman giving them oral sex in their car as they drive down the highway, making it under the blanket in the bleachers at a football game, having a quickie in the closet at work.

7. Submissive

Some men fantasize about a total dominatrix experience, some like a variation on a theme. But lots fantasize about sex with a woman who’s not just in control—she’s rough, she uses sex toys, whips and handcuffs, she takes what she wants sexually, and she let’s him know who rules in bed. He’s the submissive who has no choice but to do everything she orders him to.  She is a dominatrix and initiates sex, she takes control of both your pleasures during sex. She teases him. Tells him what to do. She makes him come only when she wants him to.


Willingness to experiment, vivid imagination, openness to different ideas about sex, sex toys, whips, handcuffs, role-play accessories, camera, video camera, erotica, porn, lube


Use safe sex practices. Share your fantasies with your mate and listen to their fantasy. You discover a lot about each other when you open up about your exciting, secret inner worlds. Sharing sexual fantasies and acting on them together can make a good sexual relationship even better.


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