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1. Let the force be with you

Fantasies about force in sex is right at the top of the list. Domination and submission role-playing. Women say they feel sexy when the man takes total control. They fantasize about a man paying attention to their whole body, taking his time, and using all his masculine strength to dominate.

2. Girl on girl

Women are often more in tune than men with the sexual satisfaction of the whole body. This fantasy of two (or more) women making love captures all the sexy details and stimulation points that only a woman knows about a woman’s body, including her ability to have long, multiple orgasms.

3. The group

The vision of being in bed with more than one man at once is a total turn-on for some women. In this fantasy there are hands and mouths on every part of the woman’s body, and she feels excited, filled and fulfilled.

4. Upper hand

In this fantasy the woman takes control as the wild child inside her comes out. She’s the one who initiates sex and takes the lead. She may use sex toys like handcuffs so her man understands that she’s the one who dominates and he has to submit to her sexually.

5. Role play

A very common fantasy for women is being the sexy teacher, nurse, hooker or stripper. Role play fantasies are also about being seduced by a man in uniform—firemen are #1 on this fantasy list.

6. Exhibitionism

Women, like men, have a kinky exhibitionist streak in some fantasies where they cross boundaries. They imagine being naughty outdoors in a field making love while risking being seen, having hot sex behind closed doors during a party when anyone could walk in…the variations are endless. The fantasy is about being sexually bold with the added thrill of possible exposure.

7. Zip-less

Writer Erica Jong made the term ‘zip-less fuck’ famous when she wrote about her top fantasy sexual encounter. In this fantasy—the sex is always anonymous, with a stranger and it takes place in a semi-public place like a train, and it’s so hot that the normal problems with zippers or pants around the ankles disappear. Two people look in each other’s eyes and seconds later they’re naked and locked in an embrace. It’s a fantasy about pure sex just for the sex of it.

8. Stripper

This is a tease wether it’s with a pole, to sensuous or raunchy dance music, flexing this way and that, taking off your clothing bit by bit. Titillate and tease him with a lap dance where he cannot touch and she’s in control.

9. Teacher

She dresses up like a school girl who teases her professor until he pulls her over his knee for a spanking.

10. Threesome

She may want another woman or guy to get her off.  The appeal of two guys is feeling desired, adored and worshiped is a real turn-on for her. Enjoy the ride!


  • Imagination, being open to sexual exploration, erotica, porn, sex toys, role playing accessories, camera, video camera


  • Follow safe sex practices, inhibition and curiosity. Discuss and understand what your woman desires as part of her fantasy. Fulfilling her sexual fantasies can improve intimacy and make for better sex. Take photos and videos and relish reliving those moments. Enjoy!

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