Jennifer Johnston-Jones, Ph.D.

What name should kids call a step-parent

What name should kids call a step-parent?  Please do not have your children call stepmom mom or stepdad dad unless an arrangement has been made with the other parents. This causes all sorts of issues, all sorts of conflict to the children. If the mother says it’s okay for the stepmother to be called mom, then their conversation has been charted and some of these issues have been addressed with the adults before suggest them to the children. That’s a different thing ultimately because it’s about what name should kids call a step-parent.

Simply suggest that your child call his stepfather “dad” or his stepfather “mom“, it sends a message and it gives them information in terms of that their parent is being replaced, which is the child’s greatest fear when you remarry. So don’t make that mistake. It’s a common mistake that’s made. What’s important is that both parents be in agreement about what name kids should kids call a step-parent.

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