Danielle Jagoda, MA, LMFT

Premarital counseling

How does premarital counseling help committed couples?  I definitely encourage couples to get into premarital counseling if possible just due to the fact that there are a lot of conversations that may never come up had they not gone into therapy and some of these conversations are so essential and so important to have before getting married.  You may not have these conversations without the kind of aid and assistance of a therapist. Some of the topics that really need to be discussed are finances, money management, I mean, because that is one of the biggest issues that break up marriages. Sex life can be discussed.

You know, some people have more of a sex drive, more of a libido, other people, less interest.  So maybe coming up with some ideas around that, a therapist can help. Values, morals, beliefs, ideas about how they’re going to raise children if they want to have children, how much they want their in-laws to be involved, how much they are going to want to enjoy socializing, going out. These are all topics that sometimes just are overlooked and with the help of a therapist, young couples or whoever, you know, older couples who are going to marry, they may realize, unfortunately, sometimes that maybe we aren’t the best match for each other.  Maybe we aren’t the best fit.  And it’s important to learn that before walking down the aisle.

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