Jim Hallowes, B.S.

Deal with a difficult spouse

How do you deal with a difficult spouse?  How do you keep yourself from getting angry at your spouse?  I go back to understanding.  When you understand the trait of high sensitivity and the highly sensitive people have a different nervous system, it would be very convenient if everyone had the same temperament.  They do not.  I know there are some people who wish they did and that will sometimes cause problems where someone thinks we are all the same.  We are not and so to learn and accept and understand the trait of high sensitivity and what comes along with it, the prices and the prize.

It can have wonderful prices, they can be the most loyal, generous, caring, giving, loving people but it comes with the price and that price is they need alone time, they may have mood shifts so that is a matter of understanding the trait of high sensitivity and the temperament itself.

Bullet Points

  • Highly sensitive people have good qualities and bad qualities.
  • Understand and accept their bad qualities.
  • If you refuse to understand them, you cannot help but get angry.
  • Calendar a time to talk about the sensitive areas of your relationship.
  • Browse the blogs for information, motivation, and more!

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