Joe Beam, Ph.D.

Avoid sexual temptations

How do you avoid sexual temptations and keep under control?  It’s important to live up to your own beliefs and values. Beliefs are those things that a person holds to be true. Values are how you believe a person should behave, based on what you believe to be true. But yet, many people wind up giving into their sexual temptations, committing adultery, which is against their beliefs and values. They wind up divorcing, which is against their beliefs and values. They wind up getting into all kinds of situations, become an addict, like an alcoholic or drug addict or porn addict, which is against the beliefs and values. So what’s happening to their self-control? And, how can you avoid sexual temptations and keep under control?

How do you stop that from happening to you? You make sure you never put yourself in a situation where sexual temptation, or any other kind of temptation,  can occur without you realizing you’re being tempted. You see, what may happen is that too many temptations and putting yourself in tempting situations,  will eventually lead you to falling in love with someone else. Too many temptations will allow the bricks of your wall to lower, revealing who you are to someone else, one brick at a time, decreasing your ability to maintain self-control.

If someone new rejects you, you walk away. If your spouse rejects you, it’s devastating. And so, you keep lowering that wall in the hopes of finding that connection and acceptance from someone. With almost every affair I’ve seen, it’s not just sex. In other words, the affair comes from a relationship where two people got very close to each other, trusted each other, and let their walls of self-control down.

The temptations didn’t stop because they saw a no danger. Maybe they said to themselves, “It won’t contradict my beliefs and values. We’re just friends.” But then, when the wall got low enough that they fell in love with each other, gave into their sexual temptations, and they didn’t put the walls back up because it just felt too good.

If you want keep from ever having an affair or doing those things, don’t let yourself get into situations where you can be tempted without any realizing you’re being tempted. You can avoid sexual temptations and keep under control. So, you may ask, can I have friends of the opposite sex then? Yes, but let your spouse choose who they are. If your spouse is uncomfortable with you being friends with someone, don’t do it. Because at the end of the day, who do you want to keep happy? Well, it’s the one you’re married to!

Keep yourself out of trouble keeping yourself out of tempting situations. Use good sense. Well, you may say, “But what if I’ve already crossed the boundary lines, but I’m trying to get back?” The answer is that there are people who can help you get back to the other side. It’s possible to repair the damage, and you can fall in love with your spouse again. It can happen. It happens every day. Make it happen. You can avoid sexual temptations and keep under control.

By Twoology

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