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1.  Perspective

  • It was sooooooooo easy to have fun when you were dating. Then life happened: family life happened and you had to get serious about balancing it all. Yet, without ongoing fun, you are dooming your relationship to a life of boredom, less sex, less curiosity, and less….less.  Worse yet, leaving your relationship vulnerable for affairs! Keep clearly in your mind: Those couples have more fun are those couples who practice their Relationship ABC’s (Always Be Courting).

2.  Humor

  • Is fun important to you? To your partner? What about having much more fun as a couple? Use humor to deflect and defuse conflict.  Women tend to talk about their problems. Men often keep their problems inside and “tough it out”. Next time a conflict is about to arise, sing your frustration – opera style, rap, country, to the tune of “happy birthday”. Playful attention is the most effective way to keep your relationship fresh, exciting and healthy.

3.  Reconnect to your playful side

  • Couples have more fun by communicating in playful ways. Flirt with each other! Sext each other. Whisper in their ear. Wink across a crowded room. Dry each other off after a shower. Have a gentle pillow fight. Dance as a couple around the room, just for fun. Playfulness inspires laughter. dance to cheesy music. Sing playfully in the shower.

4.  Schedule fun

  • Pay attention to your spouse’s interest and emotional side. Give hugs and kisses freely. Tell them your appreciation. Do little things to show you care – love notes, e-greetings, affectionate gestures, or small gifts. Engage in an activity your spouse enjoys, like a board game, going to a ball game, concert, or shopping. Couples have more fun together when they try something new together!

5.  Notice the funny events in your day

  • It could be something that happened while playing with your kids or your pets. It could be something goofy one of you said. Share a funny quote, joke, email or conversation.

6.  Laugh together

  • Watch a hilarious movie or TV show. Go to a comedy show or listen to a comedy channel (no multi-tasking). Play charades by acting out quirks of family members or friends. Couples have more fun when they’re both laughing.

7.  People watch

  • Make up stories about the people you see. Guess where they’ve been, what they’re saying, where they’re going. Take turns storytelling.

8.   What’s new

  • Ask if anything amusing happened. Sometimes, our lives get so busy and stressful we forget what made us laugh. Couples have more fun when they share what’s new in their lives (even the small stuff). So, ask your spouse what made them laugh today. Have them go into detail so you can share in their day.

9.  Remembering

  • Look at pictures of your wedding, a vacation, the birth of your child(ren), or watch some home videos. Reminisce about the funny moments.

10.  Carnival or amusement park

  • Why do kids get to have all the fun? Choose something you and your spouse have always wanted to do without the kids. Eat all the junk food you want. Enjoy the rides and games! Laugh.  Be silly. Do unexpected things which make it easier and more natural for you to practice what happy couples know: Couples have more fun when they make the time to put themselves in a playful mood. You can take your kids the next time.

11.  Imitate young children

  • Have you noticed how young kids are genuinely happy? It’s because they’re not aware of society’s “rules”. They are carefree and don’t even realize if they’re being silly. Be carefree and silly – ride your kid’s bicycle, give each other piggy-back rides, have a screaming contest, race each other. Only you can bring out your silliness!

12.  Tell your children, No!

  • The least happy couples are husbands and wives who ‘helicopter’ their kids: always around them and always placing their children’s happiness over their own. They devote so much of their relationship’s resources, energies, money, time and expectations on how their kids are doing. As a result, there’s very little of those precious (and limited) resources left over for the two of them to give to each other. Your kids are not going to die or be traumatized just because you don’t take them along on your dates (or, even an annual weekend romantic getaway). Be strong! Be courageous! Be romantically and vigilantly committed to placing your spouse as your number one priority…..and your kids will get your message loud and clear:  Mom and Dad love each other and love to play with each other. Couples have more fun and live longer, happier and healthier together when they have plenty of adults-only time. So, if you’re a true believer in a couple’s life of happiness, you need to pledge yourselves to knowing that couples have more fun when their kids are not always in their faces…..


  • Sense of humor. Give yourself permission to be a goof-ball. Openness to being silly, spontaneous and trying new things. Awareness of a potential conflict arising and willingness to bring in good natured humor or tongue-in-cheek humor to diffuse it.


  • Make having fun more of a priority. Focus on small but daily light hearted actions. Create inside jokes, Laugh with your mate ( not at your mate). Create Makes Me Happier Lists, set goals and reminders, and schedule time for fun and play.

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