Why do men leave?

For decades, men have sang their sorrow. But when the 1990s come around, they started to do it a bit more aggressively.

Forget about all the intellectual and scientific research…..Instead, watch this hilarious and uber-talented video by singer, Forest VanDyke on Vocals, arrangement by Jae Lee, and performed by Collective Cadenza.

Have you ever been shocked at the news a couple you know is splitting up? Maybe the first thing out of your mouth was, “But they had a perfect marriage” or “They seemed to me to be so happy.”

Why not take a different approach to figuring out how seemingly ideal unions crumble. Was it that she didn’t make him laugh any more?  Bad sex?  Boring conversation?  Lousy housekeeping (in addition to low-paying job)?

What happened?  What’s the real cause?

This hilarious video might answer what you suspect…..or, gives you amazing insight.  Whatever — you’re going to pass this around to your friends — and probably an ex-lover, too…….

See the women’s side of history here……


Collective Cadenza 

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