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It’s all about her

The first thing to remember is to plan things that she will like. You can have a guy’s night out any time, so today is all about her.

Give it your best

Woman like cute and romantic on Valentine’s Day s keep that in mind when planning the day, and, yes, you do have to plan the entire day! Women love sincerity, thoughtfulness, and perhaps most important: The man she most wants to be loved by, places her (and only her) on the pedestal she has so rightfully earned.

It’s the whole day

Was it ever called “Valentine’s Night”? Nah, it’s the whole day! So, spread out your love message and actions from wake-up to eyes lovingly closed.

Little things mean more than you might expect

Quick examples: Leave a note attached to the bathroom mirror so when she wakes up she will see it and think of you.

Help her look as ravishing as you both desire

Plan a spa day so she can get her nails or hair done. She will look and feel much better about herself for the upcoming night out you have planned for her. You do have a night out planned, right?


This is not about what tastes good to you, or anything usual; it’s about what matters to her. So, make reservations at a restaurant she will like. Your best bet is to choose one that she has never been to before or that you are sure she will like. For even more points, choose the restaurant that you had your engagement dinner or wedding reception dinner at; the thoughtfulness won’t go unnoticed.

Cook Her Dinner

Take the time to cook her dinner. Don’t order pizza or Chinese – actually grab a recipe from a cookbook and cook for her. Break out the real dishes instead of the paper plates, light candles, and have some mood music playing in the background. This will impress her more than any dinner out will ever do. Even if you’re not a very good cook, the attempt will be enough to impress. Think about what she orders at restaurants often and find a recipe that allows you to make the same thing at home. You can even pour a glass of wine and make/buy something sweet for dessert.

Plan a Romantic Evening on the Town

Has your woman been asking for you to go dancing? If you constantly shoot her down on her ideas, plan a romantic evening based upon what she wants to do. Take her to the hotspot that she has been talking about, take her dancing, and show her the PDA that she is always craving. Make it a night that she will never forget.

Recreate Your First Date

Do you remember where your first date was? This is one of the most romantic ideas that you can do with your woman. If you no longer live near the area where you had your first date – or the place is no longer in business, this just means that you need to be a little more creative. Find a few things around the house that look like the restaurant and create a table that would look like it was in the place – or even ask a friend to play waiter.

Fulfill Her Desires in the Bedroom

Now is your chance to fulfill her every desire in the bedroom. It’s a win-win situation for you and her – and it will allow you to take care of her in a way that you may not have done in the past. Whether she wants to try a sex toy, watch porn together, or try out a new pose, it is all about her – and you need to make sure that you get this point across.

Bring Her Back to the Days of Being a Kid

If life has started to get very serious for the two of you, de-stress by bringing her back to the days when she was a kid. You can take her to the amusement park and buy her some cotton candy, go miniature golfing, or do various other things that she talked about doing when she was a kid. She will love the creativity of this romantic gesture and it will allow her to get rid of some stress.

Treat Her to a Day at the Spa

A day at the spot can be extremely relaxing. Make an appointment for her to get a massage, manicure and pedicure, a facial, and the whole works. She will love being pampered and by the time she gets home, she will be in a good mood, relaxed, and ready to thank you in many different ways. If you don’t have the money for a spa, treat her to a massage at home, give her a mud mask, and then buy nail polish and offer to paint her fingers and toes.

Plan a PJ Day

Spend Valentine’s Day in your pajamas. You can enjoy a TV marathon in bed, enjoying her favorite breakfast, and simply relax with the woman of your dreams on your arm. She will love having you all to herself for the day and the two of you can simply cuddle under the covers.

Have a Drunken Painting Session

There are plenty of places that combine painting and alcohol in a group setting. Do it in a more intimate setting – and make it clothing optional. You can paint a scene or each other while having a glass of wine or her favorite cocktail.

Go Wine Tasting

There are new wine tasting places popping up all over the country. If your woman has been talking about doing something like this, make it happen. Even if you are more of a beer guy, suck it up and go wine tasting with your wife or girlfriend. You can find a wine tasting bar that will put together a flight for you, locate a vineyard, or even by one of the wine tasting kits online and create your own wine tasting experience at home.


While you are at work be sure to call or text her and see how her day is going; she will more than likely thank you for the flowers you sent (add that to your list right now) and you can remind her that today is all about her and she should be relaxing and enjoying herself. Keep your messages short; you have to get back to work!

The Gift

Make sure you pick up her gift on the way home, or better yet, ahead of time. Women like jewelry, but not trashy jewelry that men like to see on them. Tuck that away deep in your mind for later use. Buying her jewelry that she will wear because she wants to rather than having to is very important. There will usually be many Valentine’s Day promotions at your local jeweler, and you might want to stick with those as the jewelry industry spends a lot of time and money researching what women like and won’t usually steer you wrong.

Write her

What you do really matters, but what you write her in your letter letter will make it super-easy for her to re-live the wonderfulness of how much thought you put into today. Handwrite it, of course.

Be a Gentleman

You are finally on your way to dinner and have her all to yourself, remember to tell her how beautiful she is and how important she is to you (you should be doing this every day anyway). When you arrive at the restaurant, be sure to be the perfect gentleman, use your manners and listen to her. These are all very important tips, so remember them well.

Listen to her and her needs

The rest of the night is up to her, so let her choose; drinks and dessert somewhere else or back home for a night of romance and togetherness.


Take photos throughout the day (if possible). Ask anyone to take them of you, or if you’re especially good at ‘selfies’, take them yourself of the two of you.


  • Knowledge of what she likes, creativity. The more you know about your girlfriend/wife, the easier will be to create a variety of things to do with her. It’s also critical that you are creative, so that you think of romantic ideas that she would never dream of you being able to offer. You are going to need some inexpensive items such as a pen, paper and your phone. Flowers, a suitable gift or gifts and perhaps even chocolates.


  • Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be the only day that you break out romantic ideas. Brainstorm and use this list to help you not only on Valentine’s Day, but also throughout the year. Choose one to do for the holiday, and one for other times. This is definitely going to be a way for you to spark your relationship and make sure that it lasts a long time. There are plenty of ideas and you can always re-use them when they are a hit. Guaranteed that if you follow most of the above, your lady won’t soon forget how incredible you made her Valentine’s Day!

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