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1.  Make time

You’ll get more emotional intimacy when you deliberately make time to make it happen. Getting back your old (and oh-so-good) intimacy is all about making time for one another. It may be normal for many couples to drift apart due to hectic schedules, business travel, babies, and other attention-grabbers, but if you really cherish intimacy, you must step up and make it happen! Even a few minutes a day can help you rekindle. True intimacy comes from making your relationship a #1 priority above all else.

2.  Undivided attention

This can be as simple as watching TV together, rubbing shoulders, playing footsies, interspersed with happy chatter, jokes, and talking over the high points of your week. Pick a day. Order take-out. Cook a meal together. Watch a movie. Take a walk. Be sure your date night lasts at least two hours. Once you start to get more emotional intimacy your relationship will bring you incredible ecstasy.

3.  Happy hellos

Always greet one another like the good friends you are. When it’s the end of the day, take time for conversation – even just a few minutes — to be curious about their life and attentively listen to what your mate has been thinking and doing.

4.  Good goodbyes

Make sure to kiss or hug one another goodbye and give them best wishes for the day. In your own way, let them know they’ll be missed (and don’t just feel it, express it so they absolutely 100% get your love message!) because this will help keep fueling good feelings and will help get you more emotional intimacy.

5.  Extra-special date nights 

Take turns choosing a place, event or activity for special date night once a month. Try romantic dinners, bowling, something elegant/wild/unexpected, bike rides to your favorite pizza or ice cream place, or even an evening of playing tourist in your own town. You’re exploring. You’re playing. You’re having fun – together. You’re giving and helping to get more emotional intimacy.

6.  Touchy flirty

Make time every day for a quick hug, kiss on the forehead, hand hold, back pat, or other affectionate gesture. Simple touch is essential to our sense of intimacy and wellbeing.

7.  Getaways

Take a long weekend (even if it’s just a few miles away). Just the two of you. No interruptions. Emphasize your romantic, loving selves. Concentrate on what makes your mate relax. Trust, be curious, feel good, and of course, trust your romantic instincts. All this together will get you more emotional intimacy and make your romantic time together so great you’ll want to share it with everyone!

8.  Thanks and compliment

Point out something good about your mate every day. Thank them for what you appreciate about them. Express what makes them special to you and when you get more emotional intimacy you’ll thank yourself for knowing why it’s so important.

9.  Little gifts

You know what your mate likes. Little gifts tell your mate that you’re thinking about them. Put a flower in a vase on their bedside table, pick up a book or CD they’d like at the library, record a favorite program for them as a surprise, do a chore for them that they usually don’t like doing.

10.  K.I.S.S.

Keep It Simple, Stupid. When it comes to love and intimacy, there’s nothing like a kiss. It says ‘I love you’ and ‘You’re hot!’, and knowing this will help get you more emotional intimacy.

11. Sex

One way to increase more emotional intimacy is with more touch and sex. Rub your fingers through their hair, give their butt a little squeeze, give them a shoulder rub, touch as frequently as you can in a non-aggressive way. Share with your lover what turns you on about them; stroke their ego.

12. Spiritual inner voice

Pay attention to you own emotions and become familiar with your inner self/ inner chatter. Be mindful of what triggers stress and learn healthy ways to deal with your stress, fears and unproductive beliefs. Be a safe person for your mate to feel free to share their emotions, thoughts and feelings with. Listen with an open heart. Focus on gratitude for every day you have together. The earth loves gratitude! Fight fairly and respectfully.


  • Mindfulness and conscious connection with a loving heart and a gracious soul. Acceptance, respect, trust and strong desire to rekindle romance. Pay attention to your own emotions s you increase time you spend together as a couple.


  • Get more emotional intimacy because true intimacy comes from a deeply felt commitment to be kind, compassionate, generous, thoughtful, curious and desire to focus on each other’s goodness ( choosing positivity over negativity). Let your mate know you’re thinking of them frequently. Note to guys-if intimacy is increased, your woman is more than likely to desire sex! Note for women- if sex is increased, your man is more than likely to desire intimacy outside of the bedroom.

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