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You’re probably reading this because you want  to re-energize passion and desire.  Women love leisurely foreplay.  Your woman has hot buttons, and if you know where and how to press them you’ll both love happier, ever after. So men, we recommend making these 7 foreplay tips your best friend.


1.  Into the Bedroom

Your foreplay, sex play games and romantic words need to start before you get naked. Tell her you have something to show her in the bedroom. Ask her to lay down and put her head back on her pillow with her eyes closed. Then, lie on the pillow next to her and close your eyes. You then start to talk to her seductively and enticingly by inventing a fantasy using a visually enhancing word that she must add to with a word of her own. For example, the first word for her can be “tongue”. Tell her to take your tongue and put it where she would like it most. Her response could be: “in my mouth”. Continue to link the words together while both of you lay back and keep your eyes closed. This word linking will definitely cause arousal.

2.  Ear play

Whisper dirty nothings into her ear. This will help get her in the mood sooner, than later. Then, ask you to do the same to you. Just breathing softly and/or lightly lick, bite, suck parts of her ear. Foreplay means ear play. A whisper can polish her inner ear and drive her to the edge of screaming for you even more. Even when your mouth plays against her ear when saying nothing at all, says more than you might imagine…..

3.  Play ‘Truth or Dirty Dare’

This is one of the best sex games and great foreplay which will help get her in the mood. Ask her to tell you a truth about herself with regards to sex only or tell her that if she doesn’t want to share a truth then you’re going to give her a dirty dare to do on you. Again, the sky is the limit on this one, so she can do a dirty dare on you in the form of something that she has never done to you before sexually or something that is creative from her own mind.

4.  Dirty word competition

See who can come up with the most creative new dirty words. Get two sheets of paper and pens and try to come up with the most. Rename “penis”  “clitoris”, or new sexual acts and positions.

5.  Play “Dirty look or touch”

What a wonderful sex game and a terrific way to get her in the mood. Choose to let her woman decide to give you a dirty look or touch whatever part or area of your body she desires to feel.  The dirty look must be her best erotic and sensual expressions to get your attention.  You must tag this look with a specific dirty word that best defines it. If she chooses to touch you, she must do it in the dirtiest way possible that will make you totally lose control. So, she must be the one to tag her touch on you with a specific word.

6. Sexy massage

Get her in the mood with this wonderful sex game: Give her an erotic massage. Sit next to her, light a scented massage candle, allow it to melt a bit then drop some of the warmed oil on her. Heat some chocolate, using it as a yummy massage aphrodisiac. Have her sit in front of you while you fondle her and let her feel your breath on her body.  Use this time to learn more about her less- obvious erogenous zones: ears and earlobes, neck, shoulders, collar bone, inside of elbows, wrists, palms, breasts, lower back, inside of thighs, behind the knees, ankles, feet and toes. (BTW, we double-dare you to give her the best massage of her life and not jump her bones. She’ll want you even more so…..resist/resist/RESIST……….

7. Role-Play with each other

Dress up in one of her fantasy characters and tease her. Have an outfit, blindfold or something else handy that you’d like her to wear. Tease her, tie her up, use props like feathers or just explore her body without undressing her.


  • Get her in the mood must be your game plan. So, plan your sex games, foreplay and pleasing her in advance — to make certain whatever you want to use to titillate her is easily accessible. Keep in mind that this is about building passion through sensations. Get creative and try out new things. Hey guy:  USE YOUR BIG HEAD AHEAD OF TIME, IF YOU WANT ……


  • It’s all in her head and with any luck you’ll both give each other the best heady sex you’ve had in quite some time. Whatever you think will get her in the mood and make her feel like she’s irresistible.

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