Q – Do both of us have to register?

  • Yes, if you want maximum benefits. No, if you’re OK with the sound of one hand clapping….

Q – How do I invite my mate to register?

  • Simple:  Click here

Q –  Can I personalize the invitation to my mate?

  • Of course!  Click here

Q – Can couples of the same sex use Twoology?

  • Of course!  Click here

Q – What happens if we break up?

  • Presuming you’ve both tried your best, you can still use Twoology for a year as you figure out what went wrong, and how you can help prevent that from happening to you again.

Q – Is there a cost to Twoology?

  • We are free.

Q – Can I submit Expert Videos?

  • If you’re a licensed relationship expert with an academic degree in counseling, and/or you’re involved as a full-time professional in a licensed community health entity, contact: and introduce yourself!

Q – Can I submit Romantipedia Guides?

  • Sure! Can we read it first?  Send it to: