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Associate Professor at Auburn University, Associate Professor

Scott’s personal goals of enhancing teaching effectiveness and therapist training have led hhim to focus his services in the Department, College, and University to issues that are related to training, teaching and mentoring students. Through his committee assignments he has worked to improve therapist training within the MFT program, to mentor students, and to improve teaching effectiveness at the University level. He also works within the community system to offer continuous outreach concerning relationship issues related to children, dating, spouses, and special issues of mental illness.

Clinical outcome and process research is my primary passion. I am interested in the training of therapists and how supervision is related to therapy alliance and client outcomes. My recent efforts are focused on the measurement of client and therapist physiology within session. I hope to develop this project into a multi-site MFT collaborative measuring change in client and therapist physiology.

I am also interested in the relationship between relationship education and change within the couple relationship. There is compatibility between relationship education and therapy services. These two models bridge a gap in services for different groups of people. I hope to evaluate the benefits of treatment models which combine relationship education with therapy. These two service models combine to benefit couples and families hoping for continuous change.

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