Photo of  Carolyn  Curtis

Carolyn Curtis, Ph.D.

Skills CenterFounder & Executive Director, Family and Marriage Therapist
Photo of  Carrie & Gordon  Taylor

Carrie and Gordon Taylor, M.A., M.F.T.

Opportunities UnlimitedCarrie- Executive Director, Co-Founder Gordon - Co-Founder
Photo of  Cathy & Derek  Rust

Cathy and Derek Rust

Alpha USANational Marriage Course Directors
Photo of  Christopher  Deulen

Christopher Deulen, PhD

Brandman University (Chapman University System)Assistant Professor
Photo of  Clarence & Ja'ola  Walker

Clarence Walker, Ph.D. and Ja'Ola Walker, M.Ed.

Fresh Anointing Christian CenterPastors
Photo of  Claudia & David  Arp

Claudia Arp, M.S.W. and David Arp, M.S.W.

Marriage Alive InternationalConference Speakers, Columnists, and Authors