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1. Bistro 

Turn the lights down; get a checkered tablecloth, candles and a bottle of Chianti. Italian food will make your house smell like garlic, oregano and romance! Prepare home-made artesian pizzas, enjoy salad, minestrone. Oh! And pick up a little Tiramisu. Watch The Godfather, the Italian Job, La Dolce Vita, My Cousin Vinny, Moonstruck, Rocky.

2. Fiesta

Pitcher of margaritas, festive Mexican fare, Chicano/Latino hip hop, rock, reggaeton, ladino music. Or a night with Spain as the theme. Tapas, paella, sangria, flan, flamingo or sensual music with a Latin beat. Watch videos on how to dance the salsa, tango, marimba then practice. Practice. Practice.

3. On the beach

You talk about a dream vacation to Hawaii and days spent listening to the ocean, but can’t make it work quite yet. Bring the beach to you! Throw up the party lights, get Bob Marley on the iPod, plug in the blender for tropical drinks and pick up some crab cakes. Spend an evening watching the sunset with your feet up. (Little umbrellas are a great touch!)

4. Cook all day 

Some recipes require a whole day of prep, which will make for a fun day of cooking together. Baking bread, baked ziti, multiple courses, calamari … these are just some examples of meals that take time to prepare. Want Thanksgiving food in April? Spend the day cooking a Turkey with all the trimmings!

5. Room Service

Just because you aren’t in a fancy hotel, doesn’t mean you can’t eat prime rib in bed or drink champagne in the bath. Throw a bottle on ice, and grab take out from a restaurant on the way home. Put in a couple of fluffy robes and voila!

6. The favorite

Surprise your partner when they walk in the door with their very favorite meal. Pull out all the stops, and make sure you have all the morsels that make them salivate. If it’s steak, don’t forget the baked potato with all the fixings. If it’s salmon, pair it with a yummy risotto/rice, salad and white wine.

7. Set the mood 

Giving your home the right ambiance for a meal can make all the difference. Make sure the eating space is clean and that the music is right. If the table is cluttered with junk mail and the Dodgers or Rockies game is on in the background, your yummy meal likely won’t have the same impact. Candles are always a solid choice.

8. Picnic 

On the floor, in the lawn, in bed … picnics are always romantic even on your own turf. Fill a basket with cheese, meats, chocolate, wine … whatever you both love. This is a good one to surprise your mate with since the prep is simple and the evidence is easy to hide.

9. Memory meal 

Did you two go on a trip once upon a time, and you want to recapture the moment? Recreate the memory by turning your home into that great little cabana from your honeymoon (island themed décor and a blender) or that truck stop with the killer apple pie (pie, coffee and Patsy Cline on the radio).

10. Become a chef 

Cook a meal together that is way outside of your wheelhouse. If you have a love of Indian food, but have never cooked it, look up some recipes online and give it a try! Love Crème Brulee? Julia Child can help you out. Doing something new together offers opportunity for anticipation, problem solving and fun. Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t turn out perfectly, you’ll still have a great memory.

11. Wine and cheese

Experiment with new types of cheese and crackers; something stinky, gooey, or funky. Bake or pick up a baguette. Pair these with several different wines. Create a romantic atmosphere, dim the lights and eat by candlelight. Feed each other grapes between cheeses to rinse your palates.

12. Bubbles

Create a spa night. You’ll need aphrodisiac finger foods, fluffy towels, bath pillows and mats for the tub, small water guns, fragrant bath salts, oil and lube, bath sex toys, bubbles, candles and music. Dine in the bath on aphrodisiac foods and each other.

13. Octoberfest

Shop your local beer distributors and breweries and pick up single bottles of beer. Sample new types of ale from a variety of microbrews. Talk about their unusual bottles, illustrations, names. Eat pretzels and german sausages. Try the polka. Dance on top of the table.

14. Chocolate

Make everything about your night all about chocolate. Chocolate featured in every drink and every course. Heat some chocolate then paint and drizzle it over your bodies. Bon Appetite!

15. Newlywed

Recreate your wedding. Bring in or prepare the food you served, use the same music playlist, watch your wedding video, feed each other cake. Play the Newlywed game or ask each other 20 Questions.

16. Fondue

Enjoy the traditional cheese fondue as well as chocolate fondue ( in whatever order your choose). If you don’t have a fondue pot use you can use a crock pot or heat on stove then pour into bowels. For dipping consider bread, pretzels, bacon, vegetables, sponge cake, strawberries, bananas, apples, cream puffs. Feed each other off of skewers or fondue forks.

17. Finger licking good

Feast on Aphrodisiac and finger foods. In bed.

18. Camp out

Plan a camp-out in your living room or backyard. Blow up your air mattress and lay out your sleeping bags. You can BBQ, prepare tin-foil meal, or breakfast burritos and make s’mores. Sing campfire songs. Have a pillow fight.

19. Camp out

Plan a camp-out in your living room or backyard. Blow up your air matress and lay out your sleeping bags. You can BBQ, prepare tin-foil meal, or breakfast burritos and make s’mores. Sing campfire songs. Have a pillow fight.

20. Pub

Plan a pub night. Get a dart board and wings, nuts, dip and chips, wine or beer. Play strip poker, trivia games, truth or dare, checkers or chess.


  • An appetite, imagination, music, a grocery list and an eye to transform your home.


  • Looking at your home as a love nest instead of the place you crash will help you remember to do something new, exciting and romantic on a regular basis. The more unique memories you create, the better you’ll become at coming up with new ideas and the more motivated you’ll be to schedule more of these romantic dates at home.

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