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1. Sexy challenges

Create your romantic bucket list. Sex won’t be your only romantic bucket list achievable goal, but it’s a huge, big and bold start!  Act fearlessly. Buy something embarrassing at a sex store. Make your own porno. Sneak off to a seedy motel for a hot nooner. Make love in an inappropriate place (party, public restroom, park or beach). Skinny-dip somewhere you could get caught (hotel, public pool or lake). Shock diners with a “When Harry Met Sally” fake orgasm. Have webcam sex. Indulge in a decadent threesome, foursome or moresome. Join the Mile-High Club. Bare it all at a nude beach. Focus on your fantastic romantic and sexual connection to enjoy each other more than the shock value.

2. Explore your romantic past

One of the best ways to create your romantic bucket list is to look backwards: Did you have an instant spark? From day one, did you both feel like you knew each other? Get a psychic reading to see if you were past-life lovers. Then a psychotherapist or hypnotist can unlock sensuous memories with past-life regression. Maybe you’ll discover an exciting love story heightened by a long-ago era and far-off exotic locale.

3. Grand romantic gesture

Go all out to surprise your mate for a proposal, special occasion, vow renewal or just because. Take a romantic carriage or limo ride to your mate’s favorite restaurant, nightclub or park where you’ve rented a private room or pavilion. Decorate with flowers, streamers, twinkling lights, balloons or to represent the cuisine. Pre-order their favorite foods and beverages. Play your mate’s favorite recorded music. Serenade them with a mushy karaoke love song. Or surprise them by learning to play guitar. Customize every detail to symbolize your grand love and devotion.

4. Recreate romantic moments

Reenact your relationship with a scavenger hunt. Clues will lead your mate to special spots where you shared your first date, first kiss or special occasion. Explain why each is dear to you. Remind your mate why you love them. Reliving great moments will reinforce your love and inspire future memorable occasions.

5. Be adventurous

Enjoy the romance of hot air ballooning with champagne or tandem sky diving. Enjoy the adrenaline rush as you cling to each other. End with a romantic meal. Then thank your partner in bed for sharing the couple’s adventure of a lifetime.

6. Fabulous escapes

If you want lifelong memories which keep you glued to each other in the sexist, nicest and strongest ways, create your bucket list by considering adventure! Indulge in an awesome lovers’ getaway or second honeymoon. Fly first class for a change. Maybe charter a private plane or luxurious yacht. Snuggle at a Swedish ice hotel. Explore the Poseidon sea-floor resort. Rub noses in an Finish igloo under the Northern Lights. Take a Maui helicopter tour. Jump off a Fiji waterfall. Cuddle up in a Venetian gondola. Kiss under the spring cherry blossoms in Japan. French kiss at the Eiffel Tower. Rendezvous at the Empire State Building like “An Affair to Remember.” Indulge in Hotel Hershey’s sweet, luxurious chocolate massage. Wherever you go, shower your mate with attention. Learn to say “I love you” in your destination’s foreign language to make it the romantic trip of a lifetime.


  • Your romantic bucket list will be so much better if you are both committed to a romantic life together. Desire to create and fulfill your romantic goals in your romantic bucket list. Imagination, creativity, sense of adventure, outdoor adventure destinations, psychic, hypnotist, local spots, decorations, carriage, limo, romantic travel destinations.


  • Trying new activities together will strengthen your bond. Continue adding to your bucket list as new interests arise to keep your romance exciting. Keep a posted list, memory books or photo albums so you can relive special moments and escapes.

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