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36 Ways To Say I Love You In Secret Code

There are many ways to say I love you because you both want to hear those three words. You can call, handwrite or type any kind of message to each other, but sometimes it’s far more fun, sexy, enticing (or, even necessary) to communicate in a special code known best (or, only) by the two of you. It’s also fun to freshen things up by signaling, texting, tapping or otherwise getting the romantic message across in a more playful, private way. If your “I love you’s” are starting to feel rote, stale, or uninspired, throw all 36 of these or even a few of these unusual ways to say I Love You in secret code and light your partner up!

37 Types of Kisses To Take Your Mate's Breath Away image

37 Types of Kisses To Take Your Mate's Breath Away

If your partner was secretly asked whether your types of kisses made them so hungry for you they just had to have you then….would they brag about you? Have your kisses become . . . ordinary? Perfunctory?  Routine?  Play with Twoology’s 37 Types of Kisses To Take Your Mate’s Breath Away.  Even kissing pros can learn something new to freshen things up and bring the spark back to your kisses—just like those lip-locks that turned your knees weak when you first met.  Did you know there were this many kisses with actual names?  What are you waiting for Go kiss your mate!

40 Sexy Things To Say To Your Woman image

40 Sexy Things To Say To Your Woman

Say these sexy things to say to your woman and she’ll feel appreciated, desired and you’ll unleash her inner sex kitten and create a more romantic connection. Everyone loves compliments. Turn her on with sexy but meaningful compliments.  When you start saying things that are meaningful to her, she’ll feel appreciated, valued, desired and you’ll unleash her inner sex kitten and create a more romantic connection. Try these 40 sexy and complimentary statements with your woman and enjoy a stronger intimate relationship.

Foreplay Sex Games to Get Her in the Mood image

Foreplay Sex Games to Get Her in the Mood (And Get You More Sex)

You’ll get insanely great sex when you get her in the mood when you use your most romantic words, positive personality and focus on on pleasing HER. Thank us later. You’re probably reading this because you want  to re-energize passion and desire.  Women love leisurely foreplay. Your woman has hot buttons, and if you know where and how to press them you’ll both love happier, ever after. So men, we recommend making these 7 foreplay tips your best friend.

Romantic Text Messages image

Romantic Text Messages

Unless we plant some microchip in our brains, romantic text messages continues to flourish as one of the most immediate and intimate ways to stay connected. You can send all of the romantic messages that you want through text. If you are shy about expressing your feelings face-to-face, then let your fingers do the talking and send text messages to the one that you love. You don’t have to come up with the wittiest messages, as long as you speak from the heart. Make someone feel special by using some of these text messages that we have created below.

Happy Couples Have More Fun by Playing With Themselves image

Happy Couples Have More Fun Playing With Themselves!

Go ahead and play with yourselves! Couples have more fun when they keep their dating feeling alive. You need plenty of playtime and some no-no things to avoid. It was easy to have fun when you were dating. Then family life happened and you had to get serious about balancing it all. Yet, without ongoing fun, you are dooming your relationship to a life of boredom, less sex, less curiosity, and less….less.  Worse yet, leaving your relationship vulnerable for affairs!

21 Things Women Wish Men Would Do More Often image

21 Things Women Wish Men Would Do More Often

Men know women nag; women know men need to be reminded. Here are 21 important things women wish men would do more often. (sound familiar?) There are so many easy, romantic and effective ways to show she matters to you that you can do right now — today — that will make her happy and put a big smile on your woman! Read this, get started, and your relationship will have so much more sex, love and overall appeal!

Better Sexual Arousal Using Five Senses

Better Sexual Arousal Using Five Senses

Reignite your sexual arousal using five senses to reinvigorate your sexual satisfaction. You’ll both be glad you paid attention to all five. (maybe add 6th sense?) To enjoy anything from dessert to sex, you need to stimulate all five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste). If limp erections and weak orgasms have made your sex life boring and frustrating, maybe you aren’t arousing these essential elements. Before one or both of you turn to other people, learn how to reignite your five senses to make increase sexual arousal and reinvigorate your sexual satisfaction.

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