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Best Practices for Managing Money in a Christian Marriage

You can’t spend what you don’t have in your bank account – and this can lead to a significant amount of stress. You don’t want to get to the point where your emotional bank account is depleted, either – and this means that it’ time to organize your finances in a more effective way. By placing faith with God, you can take the Christian approach to money management.

Reduce Financial Stress for Couples image

Reduce Financial Stress for Couples

Money is one of the biggest stressors in any couple’s life. Problems (even disasters) even sneak up on you unless you have sound money management practices in place. Follow these steps for a less stressful financial outlook.

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Money / Financial Resolutions for Couples

This year make a resolution to stay mindful about what really matters to you by committing to make money resolutions as a couple. You will need to make a mutual commitment to understand what you need, want and desire; followed by rigorous inspection of what you individually and collectively expect. Start and keep the financial dialogue going with these 38 Money/ Financial Resolutions for Couples.

Are Prenups Right for You Two - photo

Decide If Prenups Are Right for You Two

What if you have a business or substantial assets you want to protect before getting married, and your intended is reluctant even to talk about the subject? Talking about a prenup agreement can reaffirm what both partners want from a marriage, in terms of their family, finances, and future. Here’s 10 Twoology action steps to take to help you decide if prenups are right for you.

What to Do If Your Mate is Out of Work or Underemployed

Help Your Unemployed or Underemployed Mate

When we find ourselves unemployed or down and out (especially unemployed) it’s too easy to feel kicked to the curb and not very loving, sexy or romantic. More than ever, this is the time for you both to stick together and use your powers to influence how you and your mate respond to this down part of your lives.

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Make Marriage a Good Investment

Marriage a good investment for you? What’s your marriage worth? Go ahead and try to add up all your assets: physical, emotional, spiritual, emotional, reputation. Can’t do it? That’s because your relationship is your most valuable asset. If you’re not actively growing it, you’re deliberately allowing it to waste away (which is kinda crazy; know what we’re talking about?). Here’s are several proven methods for you to increase your most valuable relationship.

Save Your Marriage by Saving Money image

Save Your Marriage by Saving Money

Save your marriage by saving money (for your marriage). Increase your most valuable asset with successful marital methods. Live (and spend) happier ever after. Has it been awhile since the two of you have taken a vacation all because you don’t have the money? It’s time to invest in your marriage by creating a savings account. You may be surprised by how much money you can set aside simply by cutting out some of your day to day expenses. Before you know it, you could have several thousand dollars sitting in your savings account. With more money in savings, there isn’t so much financial pressure on you.

How To Talk About Money That Matters image

How To Talk About Money That Matters

Did or have you had the couple’s talk about money? Good (if you did). Uh-oh! (if you didn’t). This Romantipedia Guide lays it all out for you two. Many couples find it difficult to talk about money matters, but it’s one of the most important topics to discuss.  In fact, a couple’s approach to their finances can either make or break a marriage.  Although it’s true that “money can’t buy you love,” it’s also true that money worries and financial pressures can put an otherwise loving marriage under incredible strain.  Here are some steps to help you talk about your money and feel empowered about your financial future.

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