Romantic Song Lyrics from the 21st Century image

Romantic Song Lyrics from the 21st Century

Romantic song lyrics from the 21st Century can put you in the right mood for just about anything you can fantasize. (So…..what are you waiting for?!) There are so many love songs on the radio right now – and many of the lyrics can help you express how much you love someone else. You can use these lyrics in a card, in a text message, or to use as a serenade. Listen to the words of various songs and find the romantic lyrics as a way to express yourself.

Romantic Quotes By Fictional Characters image

Romantic Quotes By Fictional Characters

Ya gotta admit that the sexiest, most romantic quotes are by fictional characters. So what? Take what you love and make them your own. Start with these. Fictional characters over the years have said a lot of romantic things. You probably wish that you could have come up with a line such as that as well. If you are not that great with words, you can borrow romantic quotes from a variety of fictional characters – and you don’t even have to give credit where it is due.

Create your romantic bucket list image

Create Your Romantic Bucket List

The happiest, healthiest and most deeply in love couples share memories, and practice private rituals. It’s not the physical gifts they give each other; it’s their shared experiences which cement their relationship. Powerful! As a couple, follow these key ideas as you compile a bucket list of romantic activities you’d love to do together before a certain age or in your lifetime. Take turns surprising each other with new experiences to bring you closer. Customize the suggestions below to suit your interests, abilities and budget; then add you own.

Date Ideas – Romantic Dinner at Home image

Date Ideas – Romantic Dinner at Home

Make the most intimate original romantic dinner at home transform from ordinary into an romantic extraordinary date night. But, watch out for some explosives! You can make the most intimate and original dinners at home and turn the ordinary into the romantic extraordinary. Yet, it all starts with how you position this special time; how special you make it to yourself, and for your partner. Follow these 17 tips on how to prepare a romantic dinner at home, and you will definitely put a smile on your mate’s face and reinvigorate the romantic intimacy that both of you crave and need.

How to Tell If You're Having a Non-Sexual Affair image

How to Tell If You’re Having a Non-Sexual Affair

Danger! Danger!! If you think what was once an innocent friendship might have turned into an emotional non-sexual affair take a look at these 11 top signs. What masquerades as a friendship in your life right now could be putting your intimate relationship at harm. It’s possible to have an affair and cheat on your mate without without having sex or ever meeting someone (think of online encounters).



Date Ideas – Fun and Games at Home image

Date Ideas – Fun and Sexy Games at Home?

We all want a little pampering, fun, food, romance and sizzle. Date night at home cuts out the middle man. You’ll save enough cash to be able to make romance a regular treat. Start enjoying these inventive and exciting home date ideas today!

Sex Up Your Showers and Baths image

Sex Up Your Showers and Baths

Sharing what is usually a private experience can be simple or extravagant, and certainly fan-tab-ulous! If it’s been awhile, reestablish your bond while showering or bathing. It can be slippery fun, filling you with laughter and potential sounds of ecstasy. If you want to find out how to sex up your showers and baths, follow Cindy & Jeff Ullman’s 8 ways to turn it into an intimate experience.

Active and Athletic Date Ideas for Sporty Couples image

Date Ideas - Active and Athletic

Forget sedentary dates like dinner and a movie; be active and athletic instead with these date ideas. Sporty couples can challenging themselves and learn new skills together when they engage in all 93 of these 8 different types of date ideas for couples who like to get sweaty together. They will will strengthen your body and your intimate bond. Even if you lose, be playful and romantic.

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