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The A-Z Most Romantic Words to Use

The three most romantic and powerful words are still “I love you.” And then there are the standard but nonetheless moving endearments: sweetheart, honey, darling, dear. But what about those offbeat words that somehow, in some ineffable way, capture the heart and take one’s breath away? Hint: they aren’t always obvious. Remember that almost ANY word that’s part of your unique love language with your partner will be special to both of you. Use these words as endearments and in description of your partner and watch ‘em melt.

36 Ways To Say I Love You In Secret Code - photo

36 Ways To Say I Love You In Secret Code

There are many ways to say I love you because you both want to hear those three words. You can call, handwrite or type any kind of message to each other, but sometimes it’s far more fun, sexy, enticing (or, even necessary) to communicate in a special code known best (or, only) by the two of you. It’s also fun to freshen things up by signaling, texting, tapping or otherwise getting the romantic message across in a more playful, private way. If your “I love you’s” are starting to feel rote, stale, or uninspired, throw all 36 of these or even a few of these unusual ways to say I Love You in secret code and light your partner up!

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Romantic Text Messages

Unless we plant some microchip in our brains, romantic text messages continues to flourish as one of the most immediate and intimate ways to stay connected. You can send all of the romantic messages that you want through text. If you are shy about expressing your feelings face-to-face, then let your fingers do the talking and send text messages to the one that you love. You don’t have to come up with the wittiest messages, as long as you speak from the heart. Make someone feel special by using some of these text messages that we have created below.

8 Easy Emotional Deposits Into Your Relationship Bank Account image

8 Easy Emotional Deposits Into Your Relationship Bank Account

Is your relationship your most valuable investment? If you agree, then what are you doing every single day to increase its value? Each act of genuine kindness serves as a deposit to the relationship account with your partner. Conversely, each act of emotional pain acts like a withdrawal from the relationship account. Emotional deposits = A Healthy Relationship! Remember to make as many deposits as possible.

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Get More Emotional Intimacy in Your Relationship

True intimacy comes from making your relationship a #1 priority above all else. You need more intimacy, and the loss of intimacy — the feeling you had when you started as a close, loving couple — requires self-reflection: asking yourself what can I do to be more mindful about my mate and add more intimacy to our relationship? To get you started, here are 12 top ways to get you more emotional intimacy.

8 Rules for Fighting Fairly and Respectfully Resolving Conflicts image

8 Rules for Fighting Fairly and Respectfully Resolving Conflicts

Fighting fairly is essential to the health and happiness of any longterm relationship. All couples will disagree and fight. It can be healthy to not always see eye-to-eye. Yet, when discussing your differences, there are 8 rules to fighting fairly to follow to ensure you both fight fair in order to respectfully resolve your conflicts.  The better you adopt and follow these  fair-fight rules, the less painful and more positive and productive your disagreements and will be. Follow these 8 rules for respectfully resolving conflicts during your next disagreement.

How To Use Your Voice To Heighten Sexual Arousal

How To Use Your Voice To Heighten Sexual Arousal

What you say is equally important as how you say it. Create more intimacy with your partner by using the power of your voice.  In this Romantipedia Guide, you’ll learn 11 tips on how to use your voice more effectively; how words and voice-quality can not only heighten sexual arousal, but also bring greater passion into your intimate relationship.

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Making Tough Choices

Learn how truly happy couples make tough choices that work for the both of them. It’s easier when you’ve got a successful roadmap like you now have here. As partners, we frequently run up against tough choices that must be resolved together. This isn’t easy to do with two separate viewpoints, but there are good ways to minimize conflict and come to mutually satisfying decisions.

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